A first milestone has been reached. In the previous week we tore down walls, cut bathtubs in halves and cleaned the space from everything not needed. It was physically demanding but also very exciting to see the space getting closer to how we imagine it.

This milestone wouldn’t have been possible without the help of some amazing individuals (you know who you are ;) so a big THANK YOU to everybody being involved in creating a Hub in Vienna – and this doesn’t only mean the physical work.
Coming up next: Making the Hub Vol. 2 – now it’s time to create (this Friday and Saturday).

Matthias Reisinger

Matthias Reisinger

Co-founder & Director

Matthias is an Austrian serial entrepreneur and one of the co-founders of the Impact Hub Vienna, of Inventures (an online blog about startup scene in Central and Eastern Europe), and of Three Coins (a financial literacy game).

Besides that he loves music, tech, sushi and 30day challenges.