I always had the belief that the collective intelligence it is not just an abstract and romantic concept. I have always been looking for frames that enable us to realize that magnificent potential that is locked in groups of committed individuals working focused and with a strong intention to create value.

“Pimp my venture” is a 2.0 frame that uses the expertise and creativity of the community for generating high level and high amount of concrete input and concept development for ventures driven by community members. It offers each initiative the opportunity to become more in a very short period of time, like a injection of new value.
“The prototype of “Pimp my venture” was a successful frame of creativity, discovery, co-working, joy, meaningfulness, connection, collective learning and value creation.

In 1.5 hours, it produced two flip charts filled with new ideas, and 7 concept drafts on self selected aspects of the current state of the BIKE IT ON idea of HUB members Nina Jamal and Robert Klump.

“Hub members from different backgrounds and skill-sets put their heads together and helped us take our project concept to a whole new creative and practical level. They gave brilliant ideas, thought big and out of the box and even proposed specific and concrete plans that we could build on.

We will build this project now with the “senf” and learning that the Hubbies brought in and will keep them posted on the developments of this initiative that they helped realise. We look forward to the next “Pimp my Venture” where we could also contribute to other Hubbies’ ventures and witness this process at work again.

Pimp my venture” is not only about brain-work, it is as fun as it sounds! Join the next one or get your venture pimped!”

Next “Pimp my venture” events:

  • 12.04.2011, 6:30pm – “Die Mutmacherei!” – Ira Mollay
  • 5.05.2011, 6:30pm – “Women future financial heroes” – Valentin Heppner!
Matthias Reisinger

Matthias Reisinger

Co-founder & Director

Matthias is an Austrian serial entrepreneur and one of the co-founders of the Impact Hub Vienna, of Inventures (an online blog about startup scene in Central and Eastern Europe), and of Three Coins (a financial literacy game).

Besides that he loves music, tech, sushi and 30day challenges.