“Don’t think that we are just doing dancing. YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE in a dance class!”
Royston Maldoom is a world renowned choreographer and one of the fathers of the powerful concept of ‘community dance’. He has worked with former street children in Ethiopia, marginalized children in Peru, Catholic and Protestant youth in Northern Ireland, male and female prison inmates, children and adults with Learning Difficulties, young people excluded from mainstream education, and children -in-exile as well as in many primary and secondary schools, and vocational dance colleges.

So if you are interested in using your passion to drive change, working with marginalized youth, or simply what it means to truly help somebody change his life, you shouldn’t miss this.

What: Royston Maldoom at the Hub Vienna
When: Monday, 09 May 2011, 6pm
Register: sarah.stamatiou@the-hub.net

Click here to see the Trailer “Rhythm is it!” which portrays the work of Royston Maldoom:
watch the trailer with English subtitles

Matthias Reisinger

Matthias Reisinger

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