URBAN NOMADS: The Production in Urban China


Hub Members Clarissa Reikersdorfer & Ulrike Bronner are presenting on a [Member’s Slot] their book “URBAN NOMADS. Building Shanghai: Migrant Workers and the Construction Process” that was the output of their academic studies on architecture.

By presenting a collection of snapshots, of close-ups of the urban transformation they are taking a close look at the interrelated phenomena of international business migrants and rural migrant workers in Shanghai.Through separate case studies of each group’s role in the construction process in this rapidly developing world city, they shed light on the spatial implications of both groups’ migrant status, realizing that they both live in “cocoon worlds”.

Why do Chinese construction workers live on the construction site?
Why are so many architects moving to Shanghai? weishenme?

This is about their circumstances and capabilities, their personal motives and their dreams. Additionally they will present “Lüxing Laoshi”, which represents their small part in intervening in the unsustainable and unjust reality of construction work in Shanghai. Send an email to [email protected] to register for the event.

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