Yoga – your morning cup of coffee

Since a couple of weeks we have a new exclusive activity in the HUB Vienna delivered by Joey Robinson. The practice of yoga is meant to offer more stability and enhance the productivity of the person, but also to shape our community in a sustained way.


Why yoga in the HUB?

Because it helps you start the workday from a balanced place,  feeling good in your body.

I wanted to teach in the HUB because I really liked the space and because I want to use this skills to support social entrepreneurs. I understand what being an entrepreneur is because I am as well one, as this is my own small start up – my business is teaching yoga.

For me teaching yoga is about teaching people how to live more authentic lives, at different levels of meaning. Knowing what my body is and how I feel. I think especially when you are working on your own business or project, you sometimes need this kind of exercise to help you put everything together.

Awareness is the key to making any sustained positive change. After doing yoga, you can bring this to any project, anything you are doing n your life actually, both professionaly and personally” says Joey Robinson.

If you are a morning person, it fits perfectly to boost you up in the day. If you’re not, this might be the perfect incentive to be more productive from an earlier time.


How does it work?

As a practice, yoga is meant to create space in your body. It relaxes the spinal cord and therefore relieves stress from the brain. It gives the practitioner calmness, clarity and a good, positive feeling. “A cup of coffee without coffee“.

The more you practice it, the more you progress. It gives you more awareness and more energy. And it is really helpful when you need physical rehabilitation, like a hurt back or an injured knee.

Although yoga can also be done on a one on one basis, Joey prefers group practice. The larger the group of doing yoga is, the more collective energy is gathered and it creates a group power. This is one of the important techniques in building a community, putting together the energies of the people.


What do we do in a session?

Joey can teach any style, depending on what people want. Usually there is one style which is taught to a large group. But in the HUB, it is literally yoga for the HUB members, meaning you can join a session and Joey will adapt to what you need.

Although you are a beginner and have never done yoga, the more you practice it the better you become. And Joey can work with different levels of knowledge.


Joey Robinson was born in Texas (“which used to be it’s own country“). He studied history in French and wanted to become a professor. Later on he started travelling around the world, trying to break out of the cultural conditioned identity. “Change brings growth if you are paying attention“. His latent interest in creativity, health and spirituality make life more meaningful. Trying to follow these ideas, Joey found answers in health, creating music and writing. As well, his goal is to get others fired up about health and meaning. He moved to Austria in February and to Vienna in May. In yoga, experience is usually measured in hours, not in years. Joey has 3000 hours of experience.


* Yoga in the HUB Vienna takes place every Tuesday and Thursday from 7.30 until 9.00, for a fee of 8 euro per person.

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