Where design meets human needs

The Committee of sleep”, an installation by taliaYsebastian will be opening at the MAK on October 2nd. What can we expect?

Our installation consists of paper structures that are lit with OLED technology. The light will react to people in the room, which means that the amount as well as the closeness of the viewers will determine its brightness.

With this we are exploring the future of independent energy sources, especially the human being as energy source. We’ll also look at the relation between the human being and electronic devices, when they are both depended on each other. However, we decided to use light because it was the easiest medium to work with. The Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, the Arts and Culture has sponsored the development of the installation.

Furthermore, we are showcasing our studio-philosophy and our “thirst” project which was awarded the grant impulse XS by the Austria wirtschaftsservice.


You work in Human Design, does that mean that humans stand at the heart of your considerations? That everything you design is for the people, is “human friendly”?

Our eclectic backgrounds as well as our design education conduce toward bringing design to a place where it’s not used enough: to the social sector. Luckily, Social Design is a growing sector. The landscape of practitioners is decentralized; its main actors contribute with literature and by being transparent with their work ethics and practice. We enjoy working in a collaborative fashion, at eye level, with our project partners.

We do work both “not for profit” and “for profit” in a variety of projects which all have one common vision. The conversations with our clients, stakeholders and partners revolve around the positive impact on the relationship people have with themselves, each other, and their environment. The same holds true for our final products.

Lastly, we really see design as a fantastic tool for visualizing and making knowledge and technology more tangible.


How can Design help to solve the issues we are presently facing in our world?

Good question… I would define design and it’s tasks in these few ways:

1.)    Reversing the harm done by industrialization in last 50 years. That can be changed by the choice of production method, material (e.g. eco, sustainable materials) and so on, and by reflecting upon whether it’s really meaningful

2.)    Design in social welfare which is relatively new, very decentralized, in the experimental stage, trying to find solutions for community issues, both obvious (lack of water) and not obvious (addictions). It’s comprised of a more collaborative spirit, more trans-disciplinary, design as facilitator; focus is IMPACT

3.)    Experimental design, which is used to alter perspectives, it’s creating a boundary between statement, art and design. Here, design is used as tool of technology and knowledge transfer. This is not made for consumption in a materialistic way. This is what we are trying to at MAK .

These 3 ways describe, from my perspective, how industrial design can help the world.


In your eyes, what will be the future challenges in/of Design?

For individual designers it will be finding their own voice and way of expressing their beliefs in a manner that people understand it.


Where do you see the HUB coming in? Do you see the HUB as a place to address these issues and can the network of the HUB be used to solve some of them?

Definitely YES! The HUB acts as facilitator for us, not only in getting to know the people who are experts we have to get in touch with, it also helped us to gain confidence in fields we didn’t have any experience in. We came as non-business people. Through the HUB we turned into some.


Matthias Reisinger IMPACT IS… Doing what makes you come alive in a way it contributes to more than just yourself. WHAT DID YOU DO BEFORE BECOMING PART OF THE IMPACT HUB VIENNA TEAM I was finishing my studies and building up emersense, the NGO which gave birth to the Hub WHAT DO YOU LIKE MOST ABOUT YOUR JOB? Prototyping the new way of doing business WHAT DO YOU WANT TO HAVE ACHIEVED AS PART OF THE IHV TEAM BY THE END OF THE YEAR? Hosting the impact eco-system in Austria and bringing it to the next level WHAT DOES YOUR PERFECT SUNDAY LOOK LIKE? Excercize + Chillaxation + Good Food & Good Movie in Good Company WHAT IS AN ABSOLUTELY RANDOM FACT ABOUT YOU THAT EVERYONE SHOULD KNOW? When I was learning the piano as a child, I refused to learn the music pieces I was supposed to, but only wanted to play my own compositions PLACE OF BIRTH? Linz, Austria LANGUAGES YOU SPEAK? German, English, French