Being only few hours away from 2014, the air fills with expectations, wishes, predictions and reflections. Yes, parties, too! The renowned newspaper the Economist is already collecting and publishing predictions about the World in 2014. Before predicting anything, we thought of collecting the most important moments of 2013, making our journey worthwhile and fulfilling – from within. Straight from the Impact Hub Vienna office, here we go:

– What marked 2013 for you?

To choose the most remarkable moment of 2013 is not an easy task. We had many stories worth sharing, tons of activities, events and programs happening” the team comments. “The whole experience  of working, playing, and living within the eco-system of amazing people dedicated to bringing change to work gave a special flavor to my 2013!” Dusan highlights.


 “For me, The HUB Gathering really marked 2013. Having the globally  connected like-minded people working on sustainable solutions was  an exquisite experience for us, as hosts and participants,” Cezar  highlights.  Steliana mentions the Hub Makers Festival – bringing Hub  Makers from around the world to Vienna. “To make, to do – that is  what we are best at anyway,” Steli adds. Lena and Diego agree with  Steli’s comments, adding how great the Investment Ready Program  and the Social Impact Award (SIA) have been in the past 12 months.  Diego mentions Jonathan Robinson telling the Hub Story at the  Social Impact Award Vision Workshop as the best moment of 2013! “We really met and worked with people who have amazing ideas, huge potential for social businesses and we have shaped or reshaped a lot of initiatives,” they say.


For Hanna there are no second thoughts! October 15, 2013 – Design for Impact. “That is what really marked 2013 for me! 300 impact practitioners from all over the world gathered in Vienna, to look at best case practices of systems transformations and distill principles of “design for impact,” she says. In 2013, new interns joined the Impact Hub Vienna crew! Ioana wraps up her experience in few words: “Getting the communications internship at Impact Hub and the feeling that I’m at university right now,  the Impact Hub University, has been my biggest step forward professionally in 2013.

I am  happy to be part of a team who is sharing loads and loads of knowledge with me!

  • What are you looking forward to in 2014? 

For Matthias and Alexis, 2013 was focused a lot on the Impact Hub itself: Changing the entire team structure, implementing a new organisational operating system (Holacracy) and changing our brand and trademark to Impact Hub Vienna. At the same time everyone agrees that now the base was built for really taking off in 2014.


Growing this community, connecting people and expanding our space & impact,”says Steli whilst Dusan adds “New awesome stories to be told!” Cezar is more precise: 8 countries doing SIA next year! Bistra, the newest Hub team member highlights “I am looking forward to making impact, from tiny everyday tokens of impact to the whole journey, to roads not taken and paths yet to be created! It all depends on us! And I am looking forward to every bit of it.

– What would you wish to Impact Hub Vienna members for 2014?

With a big smile on her face, Ioana wishes you to keep believing and rocking! Steliana adds “I wish you a lot of courage to continue to follow their passion, to try and fail, to learn and keep going, to laugh when it’s tough and to sometimes take a moment to stop and appreciate what they have and do.” Dusan share his wishful, magical formula: “Loads of trials, errors, learning and successes. And more time to do sports. (Sports Club!)” 🙂


Matthias’ wishes all the Impact Hub Vienna members that they are able to build increasingly more meaningful connections amongst each other. “This is what it is all about, that we collaborate and support each other in order to create more impact”. “That they grow their impact. That they hire one more employee. That they get one more client. That they make one more amazing big project,” Cezar highlights.

Many new perspectives from people they do not yet know or maybe just have not yet asked” – Diego adds.

The truth is: our wish list for you is endless. But we don’t want to make this a long article.

Make sure you have a very happy holiday season and keep Hubbing joyfully!

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