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Sixty-five percent of children entering school today will work in jobs that do not currently exist. A recent research on 20 Jobs of the Future reports that the most common occupations of the future would be: urban shepard, digital detox therapist or corporate disorganizer (yes, an expert that shuffles hierarchies in companies to create start-up culture!). The world is changing with an immense speed. And the way we influence and cope with these changes is being re-designed every day. How do we make sure to create a valuable impact for us, the society and people around us?

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In 1973, the Radio Times asked BBC science presenter James Burke to predict the future.
He got a lot right, foreseeing the proliferation of the computer in offices, schools and homes.
Forty years on, BBC News asked him to predict the future again. In 80-100 years, he envisioned the proliferation of 3D nanofabrication, bringing the world to no poverty and no scarcity, referring to Earth as ‘a giant, untouched wilderness covered with gardens.’ Quite optimistic, don’t you think? At the same time, aren’t we already trying to create a world without poverty and scarcity? Aren’t we already the rebuilders of our economy, combining and managing markets, but also values. For 2014, Stanford Centre for Social Innovation defines 5 Trends for Impact, highlighting ‘business unusual’ as one of the crucial ones; meaning:
 2014 will be about leveraging social networks over physical footprints, intellectual capital over physical assets, and collaborative thinking over hierarchy.

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A well known fact is that successful companies are led, not simply managed. A key indicator of an exceptional leader — or as Jim Collins says, a “Level 5” leader — is the ability to inspire action and collaboration while maintaining the appropriate mix of ambition and humility. The new trends in social entrepreneurship promote ‘growing inwards’. To put it in other words: how to scale your business by going small, or why scaling up is not always about growth.

The role of each of you is to set your goals right and hit the road. Make sure you do not rebuild the house on the same foundations, but seek to draw inspiration from the growing number of mavericks, creating a company, initiative or organisation that is fundamentally innovative, morally compelling and philosophically positive. Immerse yourself in a community where change is omnipresent and always remember that change does not happen in isolation, but grows through connection and collaboration.

Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right. But the point is: try doing the hard things. You might be really surprised at how amazing you are!

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