We turned four!

15th of February 2014 will be remembered for hosting the first Impact Ball in Vienna where positive and stylish people joined to cheer and celebrate a quest which began 4 years ago. The preparations started around 4pm, from bringing the artish Motif wine and setting the stage for Soul Sugar DJ Turner T, to making sure the red carpet is ready for your bright smiles.

But this article is not about the Impact Ball (although, here are some photos if you are curious to know what was happening there). This article is about what it means to be four.

It might seem like a funny comparison but actually our fourth year is not any different from a child’s fourth year. At the age of four, children are building on old skills while picking up brand new ones at a breakneck speed. Four is typically a lively, energetic, and sociable year. Confident about basics like speaking, running, drawing, and building things, children tend to be ready to use these skills to the fullest.

Four years ago we were just breaking a wall into a reality which we hoped will dance with our good intentions, passion and  burning desire to make a difference. With friends and equals, people engage in the same quest – we walked the talk and continued the quest for impact. The journey was longer and much more complicated than imagined. Filled with questions and doubts. A lot, a lot of fear. A lot of struggle. But a lot of hope, thousands of smiles, tons of pure of joy, unique moments of connection, wholeness and meaning. Here we are today: with a community that reached more than 370 members, doubled the team, doubled the revenues. We are working on doubling the space as well. Our programs reached more than 10 countries. The stories of our members and their impact traveled the world.

And yet, just like a 4 years old child, we have barely scratched the surface with what we plan to achieve: to position impact in the centre of every courageous step forward by people living and coming from Vienna. Stick around to see what we have in store for you, it will be really good, we promise!

The future belongs to those who believe in the power of their dreams.

Thank you for believing in us!

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