On June 10th, the Social City Wien has been launched, a platform initiated by the city of Vienna under the patronage of mayor Häupl, in cooperation with the Erste Bank and the Vienna Insurance Group.

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Social City Wien aims to provide the space for new partnerships between the public, the private and the third sector.

Impact Hub Vienna & AMS Vienna – a first partnership on the SCW platform

Impact Hub Vienna is proud to be one of the founding partners and has already piloted a partnership with the AMS Wien (the public unemployment agency of Vienna).


In a joint effort a special Social Entrepreneurship workshop has been incorporated  into the AMS Unternehmensgründungsprogram “the business founding program”, which supports people, who are currently not employed to found their own jobs and organisations.

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The main pillars of the Social Enterperneurship workshop are:

  • Social Entrepreneurship: The basic concept, impact logic, and case studies
  • Business Modeling: How to develop a business model that combines impact with a sustainable financial model
  • Eco-System: Where do social entrepreneurs get the support they need in order to thrive?
  • Support: Feedback and  peer-to-peer coaching in order to develop the participant’s ideas further

Already two workshops have been offered to the program participants, who brought their fascinating impact driven ideas such as new sustainable ways of transportation, fair fashion and new solutions for waste reduction.

The AMS Unternehmensgründungsprogram is a great opportunity, if you plan to realize your own idea as it provides you with financial support and coaching.

Find out more information about the program here:

Find out more about Social City Wien here:

Matthias Reisinger

Matthias Reisinger

Co-founder & Director

Matthias is an Austrian serial entrepreneur and one of the co-founders of the Impact Hub Vienna, of Inventures (an online blog about startup scene in Central and Eastern Europe), and of Three Coins (a financial literacy game).

Besides that he loves music, tech, sushi and 30day challenges.