„61% of the seniors in Austria between 65 and 75 years never had been online“.

Grandparents do it. Parents do it more often. A smooth approach into the internet-mystery.

In small steps old people are trying to enter the world of the worldwideweb. For them it is an opportunity to communicate for example wtih their grandchildren, who seemingly never find the time to visit them.

If troubles with email and Facebook occur, a phone call to the son or daughter is not far.

Meet Daniela and Kornelius

In order to tackle this problem Daniela Weinhilltz and Kornelius Pesut founded their startup “qualitaetszeit.at”. Their main focus is to shorten this gap between the older genreations and the young “digital natives”.

Both gained lots of experience as trainers at the „A1 Internet für Alle Campus“. Participants of any age were instructed how to get fit in the digital world. Through their work Daniela, a Mediateacher and Kornelius, a Mediadesigner saw the chance to start a business.

With their idea they won the Social Impact Award 2015 and a stipend for the Social Impact Start.

Become a digital coach

Besides to support old people with internet, the two founders also set focus on the young people.

Daniela and Kornelius plan to show interested young people in a two-day workhshop how to support old people in the digital world. Besides technical instructions the two founders would also teach social skills.

Young people are skilled in social media and operating a mobile device. A job as digital coach would be an easy way to earn some money. In that way a generation-crossing work could help to close the digital gap between the young and the old. These coachings earn them 25 to 35 Euros each session.

According to Daniela old people consider the young as real experts on the internet.

A role-model for success in the early startup-stage

In the Impact Hub Vienna interview the winner of the Social Impact Award 2015 talked about their recent success and the consequences a SIS-Stipendiary has to face.

What were your expectations when applying for SIS?

When applying for SIS, we were in a phase of the project in which it was time to go out with our idea and gather as much experience as possible by just doing it! By participating in SIS we hoped for support for this exact start-up phase.

What was the 1 most important thing you learned from being part of SIS?

That numbers do matter a lot!

What is the project you are currently working on?

At the moment we are working on an innovative training concept for young people, called Digital Coach, which is connected to qualitätszeit. But we’re also constantly working on promoting qualitätszeit itself and finding new Business- and Social- Partners.

How did the SIS award change your venture story?

The SIS award affected our venture story in the respect that from the moment we were in the program we were gently forced to talk about and present our venture over and over again to a lot of different people. That way our ideas became more and more real and our motivation increased even more. Most of the feedback we’ve received was of great value for our development.

What was your most recent success moment?

In “paysafecard” we found a great Cooperation and Sponsoring Partner who supports us financially as well as with content facts. Furthermore we met so many nice people over the last few month who support us with Bookkeeping, Marketing and so on, because they simply like the project This is quite a huge success!

What is an absolutely random fact about you that everybody should know?

99% of our Coachings end with the statement “Thank you! I’ve always been looking for something like this!” and a big smile

What impact do you want to have in the next years?

We want to go on with doing what we love and that is working with people – this way the impact will come and grow by itself.

What superheropower would you like to have and why?

We would like to have Suuuuper-Wifi-Power! Because his would really ease our daily business.

With all their engagement Daniela and Kornelius won’t have to wait long for future cooperations. The first steps with the Scoial Impact Award and SIS-Stipend are done.

Kai Wichmann

Kai Wichmann

Kai first joined Impact Hub Vienna as a member in 2012. This April he joined the team in support of PR and communication. He loves things like good storytelling and Vietnamese Bánh mì.