Good gestures against Climate Change and Poverty

A mad man lived in the 19th century of France, full of  arrogance albeit a winning personality. The staff in the mental health institution had a difficult time with him. In the end he was released without a cure.

In the same year he married an ex-prostitute and found some stability in his life and the love for his work.

That man was the social scientist and philosopher Auguste Comte. He was a proponent of altruism – the philosophic approach of pursuing happiness through helping others.

Do good and earn good.coins

Christoph Hantschk and Philipp Wasshuber aren’t mentaly ill, but do follow Auguste Comte philosophic view. 2014 they founded, a startup that engages social engagement and ecologial sustainability.

Philipp, a teamleader of boyscouts and Christoph, an alumni in economics want to believe that small gestures can change the world in a good way. Be it that you avoid plasticbags or volunteer in institutions like Caritas.

With their startup the two founders want to reward such tiny contributions.

Lets say, Peter wants to teach young migrants his mother tongue German. For this commitment he receives points, so called good.coins. With enough good.coins he gets rewarded with a movieticket or free pass to a fitnesscenter.

With their idea the two entrepreneurs won the Social Impact Award 2015 and got a stipend for the Social Impact Start. Pitching and spreading the word of bgood is their daily business.

Companies show social and environmental commitment

For both companies and bgood this project is a win-win situation. Christoph and Philipp’s business partners and companies get the chance to present their social and environmental engagement. The startup in return receives a small comission for bringing new customers to the companies.

Christoph gathered already some startup experience. His previous project was The seats of the former home stadium Rapid are redesigned and sold to real fans of the club. Some of the revenues are given to the support of the Rapid-Youth.

Franchise in Australia

The idea of bgood is scaling. An affiliate of bgood is planned in Melbourne, Australia. For the next stage of bgood the founders are raising 100.000 Euro to continue their ambitious ideas. A crowdfunding project is their pipeline and the search for investors is on the way.


“Superpowers like Batman”

In an Impact Hub Vienna Interview Christoph and Philipp talked about their project and the challenges of being in the SIS-Programm.

1) What were your expectations when applying for SIS?
My expectation were to get feedback from people who have a lot of experience in big companies like SAP, get visibility for bgood and get to know interesting people.

2) What was the 1 most important thing you learned from being part of SIS?

We got the chance (thanks to our great mentor Ruth for organizing this) to pitch our business solution to the CSO (Chief Sustainability Officer) from SAP. A meeting on this level was a great lesson and we learned a lot from it.

3) What is the project you are currently working on?

bgood is the first platform that measures the social and environmental impact of individuals and rewards people for their actions. On bgood people find information what they can do. People can choose from over 100 different social and environmental tasks. For example avoiding a plastic bag by using reusable bags, saving co2 emissions by riding a bike instead of driving a car or even teaching a migrant child their mother tongue. Everybody who registers collects points (good.coins) for their actions. With these good.coins our users can buy cool rewards.
4) How did the SIS award change your venture story?
Winning the SIS award was great motivation boost for us.
5) What was your most recent success moment?

We recently were selected from over 350 european startups as one of the 16 finalists of the european innovation tournament held by the European Investment Bank. Beside that we won the Social Impact Award and entered the first round of the Innovate for Climate Challenge. Personally I am always happy when we reach an internal milestone. For example a few weeks ago our community reached the milestone that 5000 tasks have been completed on bgood. Now we are almost at 7000 and I cant wait for 10000!

6) What is an absolutely random fact about you that everybody should know?

I am addicted to ice cream and can easily eat a big cup Ben and Jerrys without blinking.

7) What impact do you want to have in the next years?

I want bgood to grow to 5 million users by 2020 to help people to decrease their ecological footprints and life their lives in a more sustainable way.

8) What super hero power would you like to have and why?

I am a big batman fan and I love technology. Therefor I would love to have his power to create awesome technology that helps mankind.


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