An Earth Centered Community – The Neongreen HubClub

Impact does not happen in isolation – it needs collaborative action

The Impact Hub is a community of people taking collaborative action for a better world. As the numbers of our community grew so did our fields of interest, collaboration and action. In response to this emergent reality we aim to encourage the formation of sub-communities of members around a common field of interest, to collaborate and take action through the creation of Impact HubClubs.


The Neongreen HubClub

This is a first call to action for those members and future members that take Earth Centered Actions as entrepreneurs, investors, researchers, innovators, journalists, politicians, bankers, activists, public servants, corporates etc. Visionaries, doers and thinkers, people looking for solutions and those who have found one – you are all invited.

Impact does not happen in isolation – it takes collective action, alliances, collaborations, and partnerships. If you are looking to increase the impact of your actions by joining forces with Earth-minded peers the Neongreen HubClub is your community.


First Gathering: Divestment – where the money meets the planet

The first gathering will tackle the intersection between money and planet: the risks for the earth are risks for the pocket.

Divestment is a controversial topic. According to The Guardian, The founder of Microsoft and the Gates foundation criticised the global movement that has seen pension funds, universities, churches and local governments worth $2.6tn commit to pulling their investments out of coal, oil and gas companies. The follow up of the debate made Gates invest $2bn (£1.3bn) in breakthrough renewable technology projects over the next five years –double his investments to date.


If you want to know or do more about this topic, join the debate at the first Neongreen HubClub on the 30th of October.


Mr. Mark Campanale (Founder and Director of the London based “Carbon Tracker” Institute) will talk about the global divestment movement.

Georg Günsberg and Wolfgang Rattay will present the events of a short study on divestment potential in Austria, funded by the Green Party.

This will be followed by a discussion of the results, with the authors of the study, MP Christiane Brunner, Mark Campanale and a representative from the financial industry.

The 1st “Neongreen HubClub” is hosted by NEONGREEN NETWORK and Impact HUB Vienna, in cooperation with the Green Party and the oekostrom PLC, Austria’s largest renewable energy company.


Further information and registration:


Matthias Reisinger IMPACT IS… Doing what makes you come alive in a way it contributes to more than just yourself. WHAT DID YOU DO BEFORE BECOMING PART OF THE IMPACT HUB VIENNA TEAM I was finishing my studies and building up emersense, the NGO which gave birth to the Hub WHAT DO YOU LIKE MOST ABOUT YOUR JOB? Prototyping the new way of doing business WHAT DO YOU WANT TO HAVE ACHIEVED AS PART OF THE IHV TEAM BY THE END OF THE YEAR? Hosting the impact eco-system in Austria and bringing it to the next level WHAT DOES YOUR PERFECT SUNDAY LOOK LIKE? Excercize + Chillaxation + Good Food & Good Movie in Good Company WHAT IS AN ABSOLUTELY RANDOM FACT ABOUT YOU THAT EVERYONE SHOULD KNOW? When I was learning the piano as a child, I refused to learn the music pieces I was supposed to, but only wanted to play my own compositions PLACE OF BIRTH? Linz, Austria LANGUAGES YOU SPEAK? German, English, French

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