Let’s welcome our new Hosts!

Since this October we have a great team of new hosts filling the Impact Hub space with positive energy!

What does it mean to be a host? Our hosts are community members who stepped up and joined our Hosting Program – a 4-month experience of supporting the Impact Hub Vienna community and space in exchange for having access to Impact Hub’s content, community and space globally. You can find out more about the program and sign up for the next class here.

We’re happy to introduce them according to a day on which they host at the Hub so that you know when to drop by to say hi. For now, you can get to know them through their answers on these two simple questions:

1) How would you describe yourself in one sentence?

2) What do you like about the Impact Hub?


Susanne Nückel

1) Having a quite diverse experience I am now working on projects for a socio-ecological transformation to “buen vivir” – I’m interested in anthropology and politics.

2) A light and open place where I can focus on my work and swap ideas with versatile and open-hearted entrepreneurs. It is a home of “just do it”.

Melanie Frank

1) Love making the world better and more fun!

2) The spirit!


Andrea Metonou

1) I love working on social & practical solution or environmental challenges and I am also open to learn new practices.

2) The concept of having a place to meet people, sharing and connecting for a better world. I like the team of Impact Hub and I like the events – Skill Share Breakfasts, Sexy Salads…

Michael K. Reiter

1) I love working with people! Although I am Austrian, I do not ski but do love baseball!

2) The spirit of people, who are motivated, creative and ambitious to change the world!


Dominik Sarapata

1) From IT corporate to conscious living: this trip made me quit my career, start www.naleiayachting.com and empowered to take from life what I want.

2) Hammocks on the first floor, smell in the library room, cake from Vollpension and the openness in People`s eyes.

Gianluca Alfano

1) An open-minded individual.

2) I like the community feeling of Impact Hub Vienna, and I very much like  having access to the many events dedicated to people in startups.


Kinga Sárkány

1) Usually I choose challenge, then I usually regret it, then I usually become richer and more experienced, a bit wiser maybe, and I say: wow I made it – that is what I try to represent and give as a psychologist and art therapist.

2) The general  idea of the Impact Hub, then the members’ openness, creativity, curiosity that activates my ideas too, like a power on button.

Marcela Torres

1) Writing a master thesis in Latin American studies, working for whatchado, and hosting at Impact Hub Vienna!

2) I like the possibility to get in contact with new ideas and possibilities for the society.

Sabine M. Jaroschka

1)‎ Gallery director turned hiking instructor turned journalist turned social media manager – now turning to see me.

2) I love the energy in the Hub, being around vibrant people.


Perrine Schober

1) Half French, Half Austrian, specialized in Tourism-Management – currently working on Shades Tours.

2) I love the atmosphere and its coziness. The people are so friendly and open minded – a home for passions and ideas.

Surya Knöbel

1) Openminded and love having a good conversation – if you have something to tell or teach to me, I will listen carefully and try to suck it all up.

2) The space and the people who inspire me! Furthermore of course the community based work. We are goodwilling capitalistic communists.

We also had a chance to celebrate the months behind us with the previous Hosts – huge thanks to the guys for doing a great job at hosting the community until October! Most of them will stick around the community in different roles, and Martin, Andy, and Will will support the new hosts on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Kristen Cole

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