Content plan: What and more importantly, when to post on your social media channels

We all know Food-Bloggers. Let’s picture one of them.

Her name is Susi. She lives in Vienna and started a food blog a few weeks ago. In order to get some followers and build a community around her blog she launched an Instagram account aswell.

She takes a picture of her latest creation, a sweet desert and uploads it on her Instagram account in the evening. A few minutes later she gets likes and comments on her post. All the engagement on her picture are from the US and asian countries and nobody from Austria, not even her friends are liking or dropping a post on her account.


Plan your content in advance

Even though Susi’s picture is gaining attraction she missed one point that boosts engagement. She didn’t consider the timing of her post on Instagram. In the US it is noon and in Europe/Austria it is around 8 pm. Everybody is having their dinner, watching TV and nobody has time to check their Instagram app.

In order to get more people on her social media channels, Susi needs a schedule of when to post on her profiles.


What to consider before posting?

Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and many more social media channels are a great opportunity to spread the word about your business. They are perfect tools to gain followers and fans, who can share your posts and help you gain popularity. Keeping them updated is a great way to interact with your audience and to shape the quality of your product or idea.


There are certain factors to consider when thinking about how  and when to use your social media accounts:

  • First ask yourself what are the benefits for your audience of your media post? Always think of value that you provide.
  • Think of the channel you use! Is your business picture-driven, you should focus more on Instagram, for live feeds or quotes use Twitter.
  • Timing is crucial! Set a day and time when to publish. It is always good to have pile of content, in case you run out. Regular and fixed dates help your followers know when to expect a new post from you.
  • Finally think of the context. Does your post fit for Facebook, Twitter, etc. or does a blog post create more attraction?


When are the peak times to post?

The alpha in social media is still Facebook. With approximately 2 Billion users they serve as the role-model. Almost every company has a Facebook account and it is the first choice of startups for entering the social media world. People with an age range of 18 to 49 years use Facebook for private and business purposes. The best time to post are Thursdays and Fridays around 1 to 3 pm. Many people at work have their lunch break and parents check the internet during their child’s naptime.

Instagram, owned by Facebook, is consistent throughout the week. According to Fortune Magazin the peak time of engagement is on Monday from 3 to 4 pm. Target groups are young people. But companies like Red Bull or BBC found the benefits of an account for building communities.

An even more limited channel is Twitter. Only text with 140 characters, 30 second videos were integrated too. Right after Facebook it is the second most popular social media channel, but with only 241 Million users. During workdays companies mainly use Twitter for B2B or B2C. Users tend to browse through, create lists or press the „following“ button. Engagement from users shifted to the weekends. Neil Patel from Quicksprout says that around 5 pm are the highest rates of retweets and together with Instagram they aim for teens and business owners.

Linkedin surfaced as the channel for professionals and it is obvious that high engagement rates can be located from Tuesday to Thursday from 10 to 11 am. In the middle of the workweek users are fresh in mind and ready to gain or spread knowledge. Millennials are the main user base for Linkedin, using it for branch news and professional advice.


Examine yourself

At the end take a look at yourself and track time when you use your social media accounts. Through this way you can relate to your users. The most important thing is to post on a regular basis.


Resources: Pew Research, Quicksprout, Hootsuite, Fortune Magazine
Photocredit: Pixabay
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