Dwarfs and Giants

What happens if dwarfs climb on the shoulders of giants?

 “If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” Isaac Newton

If dwarfs climb on the shoulders of giants, they are able to see even futher than the giants themselves. That’s why we challegend ‘Dwarfs and Giants’ at their office at Impact Hub Vienna to predict the future of businessIn the end, we learned that we might not want to predict the future after all. Why? We’ll, let ‘Dwarfs and Giants’ explain that to you.

What is the founding story of ‘Dwarfs and Giants?

Sascha Bernardis: “Four consultants decided to leave their old company to experience new ways of organizing, that was the beginning of Dwarfs and Giants. One of the most important ideas in the beginning was how to become unimportant for the company as a founder. Normally founders are very important especially for a Start Up. But we were thrilled by the idea to become in the most effective way unimportant. That’s why we said: let’s go with Holacracy, because then we do not delegate but distribute authority and let’s do a purpose quest to find the purpose we want to bring together to the world. Our purpose is rewriting the future of organisation and catalyzing the evolution of wholesome organisations. So that’s what we do today!”

How are you prototyping the future of business?

What is the change you want to make?

Christiane Seuhs-Schoeller: “We are supporting the shift towards wholesome organisations, meaning that people who work in an organisation can truly show up whole and therefore develop their entire and full potential in order to contribute to something that is bigger than themselves – which is the purpose of on organisation. It’s about having purpose driven organisations to do what is important for the world.”

What is the one thing that helps you prepare for the future?

Tell us about Impact Hub Vienna and how it has impacted your enterprise.

What is ‘Holacracy’?

What are the benefits of ‘Holacracy’?

Christiane Seuhs-Schoeller: “Over the course of the last decade, especially after 2008/2009 there has been visible and dramatically increasing amount of people disconnected with what they do: loneliness, sicknesses, depression and burn-out, coming from the feeling that work is senseless and has a lack of identification is the result. Apparently there is a general shift of consciousness happening, starting in some societies of the world. And if we look for example at Frederic Laloux’s book of “Reinventing Organizations” we can clearly read how with every conscious shift in society organisations shift along with it, because it needs a new form of organising. That is where ‘Holacracy’ comes in as one form of organising. Until now, it is the only one that is scalable across almost every organisation that is willing to go through that shift. Because of the purpose driven mode that you need, the clear goal is to align everything in the organisation to the purpose. That really makes a complete difference for people because they then have a different sense of identification and sense in what they’re doing, by aligning to the purpose of the organisation. Through the purpose the organisation is anchored in society, because the purpose is the answer to what the society wants the organisation to be and the organisation answers the question ‘what do I want to be in society?’. That’s why we believe, in the not so distant future every business needs to be purpose driven and therefore socially responsible.”

What advice would you give to someone to help them achieve their dreams?

Matthias Reisinger IMPACT IS… Doing what makes you come alive in a way it contributes to more than just yourself. WHAT DID YOU DO BEFORE BECOMING PART OF THE IMPACT HUB VIENNA TEAM I was finishing my studies and building up emersense, the NGO which gave birth to the Hub WHAT DO YOU LIKE MOST ABOUT YOUR JOB? Prototyping the new way of doing business WHAT DO YOU WANT TO HAVE ACHIEVED AS PART OF THE IHV TEAM BY THE END OF THE YEAR? Hosting the impact eco-system in Austria and bringing it to the next level WHAT DOES YOUR PERFECT SUNDAY LOOK LIKE? Excercize + Chillaxation + Good Food & Good Movie in Good Company WHAT IS AN ABSOLUTELY RANDOM FACT ABOUT YOU THAT EVERYONE SHOULD KNOW? When I was learning the piano as a child, I refused to learn the music pieces I was supposed to, but only wanted to play my own compositions PLACE OF BIRTH? Linz, Austria LANGUAGES YOU SPEAK? German, English, French

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