We are the Future of Business

Ready for the future of business?

Every business should be affected by the future of business, but Start Ups and Social Entrepreneurs as role models in this field encounter various difficulties, but also benefit from being a strongly connected community. We asked our members at Impact Hub Vienna how they deal with change and what they contribute to the future of business.


Nikolaus Hutter- New Paradigm Ventures and Angello

Nikolaus_Hutter copyThe future of business is … a new economic paradigm of how we produce, consume, work… generally, how we organise the allocation of our resources. It permeates all levels – the why, the what and the how. Business purpose (the why) will change from narrow focus for the few (profit maximisation for shareholders) to broader purpose for many (maximising impact – and well-being – for all stakeholders). This will result in a shift towards products and services that satisfy genuine needs, rather than create ever-new wants (the what): These will be offered by organisations whose mode of operation is in line with – rather than at the expense of – what we value in life (the how): harmony with others and nature, a shared purpose greater than our individual selves, collaboration with others resulting in meaningful relationships, and the possibility to grow and fulfil our potential.”

What is the change you want to make?

“My goal is to help create an economic model so that the terms social entrepreneur and impact investor are as pleonastically redundant as the adjectives in “dark night”, “cold ice”, “wet water “etc. In the future, there will only be entrepreneurs and investors, who either create value – financial, social, and environmental – or go out of business.”

In your personal routines and habits what is one thing that helps you prepare for the future?

“Apart from the obvious like a daily 2hr morning meditation, barefoot runs in the Vienna Woods, eating a gluten-and lactose-free paleo diet, and keeping up with the latest sustainability and mindfulness research, I just try and enjoy whatever I do – in my honest opinion a key part in living the new how in the here-and-now.”


Ana Barros- Instagram Influencer and Co- Founder of Better

Ana_Baros_How will the future of business look like?

“Thinking of businesses as they are today, most still depend on hierarchical structures. I believe that there will be no bosses in the future and we can all be freelancers.”




Sebastian Rahs and Rainer Wachter- Woodsaw

Reiner Wachter & Sebastian Rahs

As a business, how are you prototyping the future of business?
“By inventing new combined professions.”

In your personal routines and habits, what is one thing that helps you prepare for the future?
“To extend our skills in all directions.”

The future of business is…versatility.”


Simon Schmitz- Awattar


How do you see the future of business?
“The future of business lies in what we need most as a society: justice and a healthy natural environment. To avoid dangerous climate change, we need to sync our energy use with nature. The tools are there (like software). So are the obstacles (such as grown institutions). And business will always be about getting the job done to overcome them.”



Anna Iarotska- Robo Wunderkind

Ana Larotska
As a business, how are you prototyping the future of business?

“One thing that is going to shape the future of entrepreneurship is impermanence and constant reconfiguration. Change is unavoidable and happening at a fast pace. I believe it is crucial for every business to stay flexible and adapt to those developments.

What has been always very helpful for our Robo Wunderkind team: we have a very mixed skill set. We are all coming from different backgrounds and bring in different perspectives. A constant reconfiguration of skills and teams, assembled according to the different tasks is the key.”

Isabella Scholl and Arnold Hoffmann- Erntehilfe

Isabella SchollWhat is the change you want to make?

“Every business and project evolves from the motivation to change and improve something. We want to set signs for a good working-together philosophy and create transparency and fairness in different branches were employers, employees and customer groups come together.

The future of business is… the combination of constant learning, developing and sharing!”


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