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…if we do say so ourselves.


In today’s world there is a growing emphasis on social change and change for good. We are seeing more and more entrepreneurs who want to make a difference and are opting out of the traditional job, preferring to start something themselves.

Here at Impact Hub, we see this on a daily basis and we LOVE it. We are surrounded by creativity and innovation and want to see more. That’s where our Re:Wien program comes in. We love start-ups so much that we want to foster their development as much as possible. Start-ups chosen to participate in our Re:Wien program receive invaluable business coaching and training, individual support and access to our extensive network of contacts. Basically everything they need to succeed.

The program is sponsored by EcoBusinessPlan, an organisation set up by the Municipal Department for Environmental Protection on behalf of the Vienna City Administration. EcoBusinessPlan aims to help enterprises generate “green and clean” profits through ecological management practices that benefit both the environment and the enterprises. Doing this ensures high quality and financial benefits for companies.

The current organisations benefiting from the Re:Wien program range from a fashion enterprise to an online employment platform for refugees.

Rather than take our word for how good this program is, we asked some of the Re:Wien participants what the program meant to them. is an online platform that connects refugees with employers in order to foster integration. We asked Jacob Wagner, one of the founders of how Re:Wien helped them make a difference.

For us it was important to talk about our business model as we were facing huge uncertainties. We did not enter a market but instead tried to create one. The goal of our venture is to foster integration and bring diversity into businesses and having experts in the field really helped us to fix some issues in our model.

The extensive network of Impact Hub and EcoBusinessPlan are important factors in allowing us to spread our idea. The Re:Wien program helps tackle all the issues social entrepreneurs face when starting a business.


The team at

Andra Slat is one of the founding members of Younited Cultures, a social business that aims to promote the positive image of migrants by creating a visible symbol that everyone can wear in society. They sell locally produced scarves to communicate collaboration and integration, beyond the limit of nationality.

Their “Celebrate Migration” scarf is a statement piece that aims to show migration for what it is; a beautiful and indispensible means of enriching a society and economy.

Younited Cultures

Showing off one of the Younited Cultures scarves.

When we asked Andra how she would describe Re:Wien, she said:

RE: WIEN is a support platform that enables us to identify and deal with company challenges in an effective way. They provide us with a pool of experts, which is an invaluable resource for our company.

RE:WIEN provides sustainable solutions for startups.

These organisations are an inspiration to us. If you think you can inspire us as well, the next round of Re:Wien applications close April 20th 2016.

To be eligible, you must be a venture, start-up or initiative that is Vienna based, is less than 3 years old and works on an innovative project that shows great market potential. A judging panel, consisting of experts in the fields of sustainability, representatives from the start-up sector, as well as the partnering organisations EcoBusinessPlan Vienna, Municipal Department for Environmental Protection – MA 22 and Impact Hub Vienna, will select the most promising 7-8 ideas.

For more information, visit our website.

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