Let me tell you the story of the Hackathon

Find a peaceful space, quiet your mind and get comfy, because I am about to tell you a story…

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…….there lived an incredible group of individuals who wanted to make a difference in society. They answered the call from Impact Hub Vienna and one weekend they all gathered together for a magical event called ‘The Storytelling Hackathon for Social Impact’.

They came from many faraway lands – Spain, Turkey, Macedeonia, Bulgaria, England, The Czech Republic, Italy, Germany and The Netherlands – to attend this event held in the Kingdom of Vienna. In fact, more than 40 creative minds and social entrepreneurs gathered for 48 hours to collaborate and help some incredible Vienna based organisations share their stories with the world.


The aim of the weekend was to create stories and raise awareness for 7 social impact ventures that are currently working to create change. On Friday evening at Impact Hub Vienna, a Town Crier from each of the 7 ventures spoke about their organisation and explained their challenges. Issues to be tackled over the weekend included:

  • Showcasing the potential of a Robo Wunderkind robot to children
  • Giving a personal and human face to the green energy company aWATTar
  • Building a unique selling proposition for good food company Iss Mich!
  • Finding how to better encourage entrepreneurs and ventures to apply for funding through the Investment Ready Program
  • Creating an awareness campaign for computer recycling organization Compuritas
  • Encouraging neighbours to register for the Frag Nebeban community program
  • Finding the best way to remove labels and sterotypes for refugeeswork.at

Participants listened in and were invited to chose their top 3 favourite challenges to work on. 7 groups were then created with a mix of professions, including bloggers, photographers, graphic designers, social entrepreneurs, illustrators, web designers, authors and directors.


These groups were tasked with creating a ‘tale for the ages’ regarding their chosen venture. In addition to helping these organisations fill a gap in their marketing strategy, participants would walk away knowing that they were helping to make the world a better place.


Fuelled by caffeine, sugar and enthusiasm they embarked on their quest. The groups worked furiously for 48 hours, bonding and networking, thinking outside the box and making magic. They drew, photographed, programmed, videoed and designed.


In the lead up to the final showcase Ann Cathrin from Germany was glowing. “I am so happy to have had the opportunity to collaborate with so many creative minds. We had to learn to work as a team – everyone contributed hence everyone had ownership of the final product.”

Sunday night everyone gathered in the town square, along with many of the other Vienna villagers, to hear each others stories. The results were simply incredible.


In just 48 hours the groups had created new print, social media and advertising campaigns. They had designed logos, made websites and even designed stationery. The human side of some technical ventures were conveyed through videos and photography. Websites had been simplified and redesigned, and a new food packaging campaign was created. Ideas were fun, practical and beneficial to all the ventures.

Participants left the event buzzing, motivated, and inspired. New friendships were created and partnerships formed. They travelled back to their faraway lands inspired and motivated……..

fairytale (2 von 2)

Hayley Mill Digital storyteller. Self confessed travel addict. I love meeting people and telling stories. Australian but currently residing in Vienna and hoping to tick off as much of Europe as I […]

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