Member Exclusive: What is in your green smoothie?

Walking down the streets of Vienna, I inhale the intoxicating smell of lilacs and take notice of the pink confetti-like flower petals coating the sidewalks. Spring has arrived once again.

Spring is not just blossoms bursting forth; it is also a time when we celebrate our planet. So in honor of all the Earth Day celebrations, we wanted to feature some of our Impact Hub members that are creating some pretty powerful green impact.

angie 2Meet Impact Hub member Angie Rattay:

Angie is the founder of NEONGREEN Network, an online platform changing the world through connecting people, networks and information. Angie also founded EARTHtalks an annual conference focused on addressing environmental issues.

So Angie, what are you working on?

At the moment we are in the finishing stretch of organising one of the biggest eco-social bottom-up events in Europe! The EARTHtalks are almost fully booked with only a few seats remaining for both the interactive morning program – the Neongreen HubClub – as well as the main event. Tickets are still available at, but not for long!

What needs to go in your green smoothie?

The NEONGREEN Smoothie needs a pinch of motivation, a spoon full of activism, a big portion of voluntary work and good vibes on top.


theresa 2Up next is Theresa Steininger:

Theresa is the chief director at Wohnwagon, a company producing ecologically and sustainably tiny houses, as well an incredible resource for those wanting to live a more self-sufficient lifestyle.

So Theresa, what is Wohnwagon currently working on?

We want to inspire more people to rethink the way we live – that is why we developed our latest “baby” – the magazine “OSKAR” for independent and sustainable living. It is112 pages of inspiration, tips and interesting projects that show how it can be done. We are also working on building our production for the Wohnwagon to better serve our customers.

And what would be in your ideal green smoothie?

Passion, a great network and an awesome team!

bettina 2Finally we checked in with Bettina Steinbrugger:

Bettina is a co-founder of erdbeerwoche, a company tackling the issue of sustainability within feminine hygiene products and taking this issue mainstream.

Bettina what are you and erdbeerwoche currently working on?

Many things in parallel! erdbeerwoche is currently expanding to the DACH region, that is why we just finished a film project with WDR. We currently participate at several trade shows in Germany and will enter the Swiss market with our onlineshop soon!

What needs to be in a your ideal green smoothie?

I actually prefer red smoothies, as in bloody red, but if it needs to be a green one: Kiwi, banana, some herbs and a lot of passion.


I am certainly inspired by all the green smoothie ideas as well as the incredible impact created by our Hub members! What do you put in your green smoothie? How are you celebrating Spring and creating green impact? Let us know on Facebook and Instagram!



Hailey Still

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