How-To Series: Sexy Salad

Would you Sexy Salad with me?

billie2We’ve been following Billie, one of the newest members of Impact Hub Vienna, as she explores how to get the most out of her Impact Hub membership. Billie is a social entrepreneur based out of Vienna, passionate about creating positive change and inspired by other like minded people. You can check out her first blog post to get better acquainted.


Billie was getting a little tired of the falafel and schnitzel she had been eating for lunch and was searching for some brain food to keep her fingers typing and her mind sharp. Craving something healthy for lunch, she jumped at the chance to join the Sexy Salad on Tuesday. Eating a sexy salad while meeting fellow Hubbers? She was totally in.


Fast Recap:

What is Sexy Salad?

A weekly gathering where Hub-Members and guests prepare salad together and share a meal, while getting to know one another better.

Where does it take place?

At the kitchen of Impact Hub Vienna on the 1st floor.

When is this sexiness happening?

Every Tuesday. We start preparing at 12:00pm and the real (m)eating starts at 12:30pm. Around 1:30pm the washing machine will be turned on and the and work keeps going on and on.

Why should you attend?

  • To have a healthy lunch.
  • To meet and connect with like minded individuals.
  • To introduce yourself and share your impact story that brought you to the table.
  • To feel creative by making your own sexy salad.

Billie’s personal Sexy Salad adventure:

Tuesday morning, fingers typing, the host approached me. I was listening to music and couldn’t hear what he said. But thanks to my expert lip reading skills, I interpreted, ‘’Will you join me sexy madam?’’ Huh? Me…? Sexy…? With this bad hair day…? Taking off my headphones, he repeated, “Will you join the sexy salad?” Ha! Of course. A sexy salad. “So, are you joining?” he asked again.

I’m new here and had no idea about Sexy Salad. He explained that Sexy Salad is one of the Weeklies, also known as the community co-created lunch. People bring their veggies/salad ingredients and prepare them together with other members or visitors.

I quickly weighed my options: sandwich over my laptop or delicious community inspired salad. The decision was not challenging and I immediately wanted to join in. One tiny problem though: I didn’t have any veggies to contribute! No worries there, reassured the host. He was going to the market to buy some ingredients and I only needed to contribute a few Euros! So I chopped, washed, cooked, laughed, set the table, ate, and made some new friends. Wait a minute, it’s Tuesday again! Maybe I’ll see you there!


Billie is on her way to Sexy Salad! You coming with?


  • Be proactive about meeting new people!
  • If you are interested in Sexy Salad you don’t have to sign up, just come to the host with your veggies and say Hi!
  • If you are a newcomer, like Billie, let the host know, so we can have a short round of introductions.
  • If you have no cooking skills don’t worry…the only recipe you need is your imagination!

Bon Appetit! Or since we are in Vienna – Mahlzeit!

Gelly Danadaki

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