Money, Money, Money

Money. While the topic might make some of us squirm in our seats, it is an important topic to address when starting a business.

Here at Impact Hub Vienna we dont shy away from this sensitive topic. Whether developing sustainable business models with the help of our Accelerate Program or finding and preparing for investment with the Investment Ready Program, we guide our ventures through the whole process. At the core of all of this is Impact Investment.

But what is Impact Investing?
Impact Investing is…

an investment approach that intentionally seeks to create both financial return and positive social and/or environmental impact that is actively measured.

(Taken from a Charly Kleissner slide showed at last years CEE Impact Day)


Social businesses are not the only ones with money concerns.

Over 40% of households in the Eurozone are in debt and we have some dedicated Hub members addressing this issue. Working in different regions of the financial sector, Three Coins, Franz Karl Prüller, Charly Kleissner, and Erste Bank pack a pretty powerful punch when it comes to addressing financial issues.

00_Team_2016-4Three Coins

Three Coins is developing educational tools and formats to promote responsible personal finance. The team comprises of experts in education, social sciences, economics and entrepreneurship.  Three Coins aims its efforts at people with so-called “open learning windows”, who welcome personal finance tips and are open to new input. This includes, youth in professional training or transitioning into adulthood, newly self-employed workers, young parents, people with immigrant backgrounds, young adults. Three Coins participated in Impact Hub Vienna programs, including the Investment Ready Program and they pitched at the very first CEE Impact Day 5 years ago.



Franz Karl Prüller

Franz Karl Prüller, chairman of the board at the Erste Foundation, believes Social Entrepreneurship is ‘the most sensible thing you can do for society.’ Before taking over as chairman of the board, he was the director of the Social Development Programme from 2005 until 2013.




CharlyCharly Kleissner

Dr. Charly Kleissner is an impact investor and impact entrepreneur. He is a co-founder of the KL Felicitas Foundation. Their mission is to enable social entrepreneurs and enterprises worldwide to develop and grow sustainably. He is also on the board of Toniic, the global action community for impact investors. He helped found the 100% Impact Network, a global peer-to-peer network of asset owners, who have intentionally committed 100% of their assets to positive social and/or environmental impact. Also he helped co-found the Central European Investment Ready Program, which helps social entrepreneurs worldwide to accelerate and increase their social impact.


He is dedicated to investment and supporting social entrepreneurs and will be present at the upcoming CEE Impact Day where attendees can meet, talk and learn from him.



Nikolaus HutterNikolaus Hutter

Nikolaus Hutter is the founder of New Paradigm Ventures (Impact Investment, Capacity Building, and Prototype New Business). He has also been actively involved with Impact Hub Vienna and our programs for over 4 years, as a coach and mentor. With a wealth of experience, he is always willing to offer advice with regards to business development and impact investment.  He believes that, ‘in the future, as an entrepreneur or investor, you either create genuine value – financial, social, and environmental – or go out of business.’


2000px-Erste_Bank_Logo.svg copy1
Erste Bank

It may be surprising to many people that Erste Bank is an Impact Hub Vienna member, they have been since 2012! The Erste Foundation, which is associated with Erste Bank, aims to unite Europe, into a social, cultural and economic area without borders, with all its diverse natural beauty, individualism and identities. They do this by investing in lasting structures and relationships, they reinforce individual and organisational autonomy, they cooperate on an equal footing, they take joint responsibility for the common good. The Erste Foundation believes that a prosperous community provides the basis for social, individual and economic development.

Erste Bank have supported the CEE Impact Day over the past few years and this year the CEO, Andreas Treichl, will be present at the upcoming event


Impact Investment at Impact Hub Vienna

The upcoming CEE Impact Day is at the heart of the Impact Investment Ecosystem in the CEE region. It brings together 100+ international impact investors, key stakeholders and selected ventures since 2012. This year, the 5th anniversary, promises to be an exciting and inspiring event. To celebrate the five years there will be five exceptional key speakers:

  • Dr Charly Kleissner – Toniic, 100% IMPACT, KL Felicitas Foundation
  • Uli Grabenwarter – European Investment Fund
  • Cyril Gouiffes – European Investment Fund
  • Ewa Konczal – EVPA (European Venture Philantropy Association)
  • Andreas Treichl – Erste Foundation,


Photos from CEE Impact Day 2015

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