How-To Series: Do You HubNet?

billie2Billie, our newest Impact Hub member, is continuing her adventures here at Impact Hub Vienna. She might be a little smaller than the other Hub Members you meet, but she doesn’t let that stop her passion for creating positive change through her new social venture here in Vienna. To get better acquainted, you can check out her earlier blog posts here.

Last week Billie was scrolling through her Facebook profile, hoping to find someone to connect with about her new social venture. After an hour of searching for the right community, she realized she didn’t have as much in common with her Facebook friends as she thought. Sitting back in her comfy desk chair, she wished she could find a platform that could connect her with like minded people, people building up social ventures of their own.

Billie’s wish came true almost instantly, as she discovered HubNet!


Fast Recap:

What is HubNet?

It is Impact Hub’s network, the place where 10.632 Hub-Members across the world connect with each other and are able to share their experiences, ideas, and resources. Most importantly, everyone on HubNet shares their ventures and projects with their fellow Hubbers.

But how do you HubNet?

Step 1: Introduce yourself

Who are you and what brought you to the Hub community?
What are you working on and what are your future plans and goals?
Don’t forget to link your HubNet to your other online presence (personal/company website, LinkedIn profile, Twitter account, Instagram).

As you develop your profile, other Hubbers have key information that can help you accelerate your business and empower your vision.

Step 2: Smile

Show us those pearly whites and upload a profile pic.

Your fellow Hubbers in Vienna want to know who you are and a picture enables them to recognize you instantly and ask questions about your projects.

Step 3:  It’s a group thing

We are all about community here at Impact Hub so be sure to join the right groups based on your interests. You can search for groups using the search bar or go to the group directory. But what if your perfect niche group doesn’t exist? No problem! Just create a group; some of the other 10.000+ Hubbers might join.

Master Tip: Start by joining the How-To HubNet group. This is a space for Hubbers to ask questions and troubleshoot ways to use the Hub Network.

Step 4: Notification or Spamification?

Be sure to edit your notification settings so you receive the right amount of information from your groups. Getting an information overload isnt sexy. Be sure to target the groups you want to receive updates from.

Step 5: It’s a global thing

HubNet is the network of global impact makers. By clicking at the home page you have an inside look at what Hubbers are up to around the world.

Master Tip: If you are planning to travel abroad make sure to check here to see if there is an Impact Hub in that area. Once you have identified your nearest Impact Hub, simply visit their HubNet community and let them know you will be in town so you can visit the Hub. There is no better souvenir than creating new Hub memories.

Step 6: Make your mark

Hold on! Wait a second! #DidYouHashTag? Don’t forget to include our community hashtags for highlighting and organizing your post. The key letters here are S.O.C.S:





Master Tip: What is the difference between posting on your profile vs posting on Impact Hub Vienna’s group?

When you are posting on your profile, only your followers will get a notification. In order to maximize your reach, you should share it on Impact Hub Vienna’s group, so your fellow Hubbers will get a notification.


Don’t you feel like its about time to start checking your HubNet emails and notifications?

Go Share, Offer, Connect, Seek and contribute to the formation of the global virtual Impact Hub!

Gelly Danadaki

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