Accelerate: Communications

Did you know that Impact Hub Vienna is one of the top five accelerators in Europe? It is true – Fundacity, the website that connects investors to Start- Ups, told us so! And do you know what makes Impact Hub Vienna so special? Part of the answer is the Accelerator Program and Workshops.

What is an Accelerator Workshop?

Are you missing a key skill to move your venture forward? Do you want to dust off a previously honed skill by learning new tips and tricks? If so, then the Accelerator Workshops are for you! As part of the workshop program industry experts present a variety of tools, tips, and tricks to help get you and your venture to the next level. They are a great way to network with industry professionals and to connect with your fellow Hubbers. To learn more about the Accelerate Program and Workshops, click here.

Communications for Start-Ups


As a part of a recent Accelerator Workshop, Dirk Moser and Elisabeth Totschnig of Grayling Austria, pictured above, came to Impact Hub Vienna and gave workshop participants the inside track on communications strategies.

Communication strategies for large or small organizations all boil down to two simple questions: What is my message and who am I trying to reach? The answers to these two questions often determine what you are communicating about your business and yourself, how you will communicate with your clients, and where they will see your message.

Below are some tips to help you create a solid communications strategy.

Persona Approach

Take some time to imagine your clients. What do they look like? Where do they work? How do they like to spend their weekends? Once you have the answers to those questions, look more closely at the details of your imagined clients’ lives. In contemplating this you can often find the answers to when they might use your products and when might be the ideal time and formats for your communications.

Use Social Media

According to Grayling’s data, 4 in 10 customers are more likely to make a purchase after sharing it or favouriting it on social media sites. These numbers look great, especially when you are trying to make an impact with your venture. However, there is a downside to social media: the time that it takes to maintain the content on each site.

Be brave enough not to start something – Elisabeth Totschnig 

A social media site with no developed content for a lengthy period of time detracts from your ability to market your product or service to your clients. From your clients’ perspectives you have stopped talking with them and the relationship degrades. Remember to only take on as much as you can handle and not to overload yourself (or your team mates!).

Always Ask

Asking people to review a product or service seems awkward and false for many of us. However, 71% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase based on social media referrals. This statistic shows that we should be soliciting reviews of our products and services for our social media sites.

We often forget that we have a massive network at our fingertips in HubNet or in person at Impact Hub Vienna. Our colleagues in Vienna and across the world are always very willing to help with your product and service.

What Next?

When workshop participants were asked what they would start doing the next day as a result of the workshop the most common answer was developing client personas to better target their messaging and their communications strategies.

What are you going to do next to help accelerate your venture? We would suggest signing up for the next workshop!



Jennifer Cornick Freelance journalist and blogger for various publications in Vienna. When I am not writing, I can generally be found with a book (or anything with words on it - even cereal boxes). Photo Credit: Aneta Pawlik