Unlikely Allies

At Impact Hub Vienna we support over 450 Social Entrepreneurs; as an Impact Hub network we support over 11,000. As we grow both locally and internationally, we are seeing a trend, that it’s not enough to work with only Social Entrepreneurs. In order to create sustainable and scalable impact we need to broaden the ‘Impact Hub Ecosystem’ to include all of the stakeholders, from Corporates to refugees, from governments to the unemployed. At Impact Hub we want to work with every stakeholder to create a lasting and growing impact. Unlikely Allies is about making connections and working together to solve any challenge. This is the aim of the Impact Hub Network: to create networks and assist in creating wide, sustainable, and impactful change.

Here is a look at what Impact Hub Vienna, its supported ventures, and partners have been collaborating on over the past year. With Hackathons, Workshops, Job Fairs, Formal Investment Programs, and many more options, we are trying to bridge the gaps between social entrepreneurs, their beneficiaries, large corporations, and policy makers.

DiploHack Vienna

Diplohack Vienna brought together a number of different stakeholders within various communities to discuss the topic of the Refugee Crisis. With the support of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, the Diplohack brought together refugees, social entrepreneurs, politicians, policy makers and more to discuss and create technical solutions for some of the global challenges the refugee crisis has created.

The winning team, made up of Impact Hub Vienna members and refugees, received a clickable prototype of their product and an invitation to Transparency Camp Europe 2016, in the Netherlands, to present their idea and collaborate further!

The Netherlands Ambassador presenting Andra Slats presenting People working at the diplohacl Diplohack full group shot Diplohack team shot Wide Shot of people working



Found! is a new incubation program offered by Impact Hub Vienna, in partnership with Deloitte Future Fund. The vision of found!: “Creating new prospects for the future is essential for the successful integration of refugees. Thus, enabling integration into the Austrian labor market is of special importance. Only by having jobs, people are able to secure a livelihood for themselves and become integrated and productive parts of society.”

This partnership with the Deloitte Future Fund is a key example of the importance of collaboration across sectors. It shows the importance of and the value that is created when individuals, teams, large corporations, or governing bodies, collaborate to tackle a challenge together. By joining forces it uses the strengths of each group while remedying some of the weaknesses.


On June 29, 2016, Chancen:Reich and their partners, took over MuseumsQuartier to hold the first ever Austrian job fair for refugees.  The job fair gave refugees and potential employers a chance to connect with and learn about each other.  Refugees were able to learn about hiring process from individual employers and employers were able to learn about the rich tapestry of qualifications and experience within the refugee community.

Chancen:Reich co-founders say that integration within the broader business community is essential as it creates opportunities for both businesses and displaced persons.  Amongst the job fair partners hoping to make connections with qualified refugees were Erste Bank, Rotes Kreuz, Samariterbund, and almost fifty other participants.

This collaboration between social entrepreneurs, their beneficiaries, large corporations, and government services has created an ecosystem in which refugees can gain access to well paid employment and businesses can gain new perspectives through hiring internationally qualified individuals.

(c)chancenreich Schlange im MQ (c)chancenreich volle Haus bei der Jobmesse

This is just the start.

Over the past year we have made some positive steps in this direction, but we are really just at the start of the mountain. We have established some strong connections with Deloitte, The Kingdom of The Netherlands, and more, but there is still a long way to go. We want to collaborate more, we want to broaden the Impact Hub Ecosystem to include everyone from corporations to the beneficiaries. By doing this we can see the whole picture, then and only then, can we help facilitate the creation of long and lasting positive Impact which, after all, is what the Impact Hub Network is all about.

Impact Hub Vienna Impact Hub Vienna is a diverse community of founders, creatives, investors, established companies and NGOs, committed to building a sustainable world that works for all.

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