The Impact of Sharing Your Success Stories

Impact Hub Vienna is a place of many stories.

These stories come from a diversity of people, who run their projects with passion and courage. Hub Members usually live and breathe their projects, so when they achieve success, they feel these successes as the life milestones.

Milestones are important because they provide a sense of achievement and progress. Forward progress is one of the best motivations to continue on one’s path, especially during the challenging or unsure moments in ones career. Success stories are also the ones which encourage other people to keep walking their own chosen paths. That is why The Community Hosting Team, decided to establish the Success Board located on the first floor of Impact Hub Vienna.


The Success Board

The Community Hosts recently erected the Success Board as a response to the inspiration we saw take place when members share success stories, big or small. One person sharing their story had a domino effect, rippling throughout the whole community. We believe that success should be celebrated at the Hub regularly. Therefore we revealed the first successes on June 23rd as a part of the Hub’s Wine-Down. This soon to be repeated event presented the perfect opportunity to present our new Success Board. The Wine-Down is an event which connects (and re-connects) members by giving them an informal atmosphere to talk about their projects, lives, and – of course – their successes; while sharing a glass of wine.


The Wine-Down

The recent Wine-Down was a success as well; more than 80 members came to enjoy the
get-together. In house foodies, IssMich surprised the crowd with their innovative shots, cocktails and lemonades. The ice breaker game, which involved a colored bracelet, enabled Hubbers to get to know one another in a quick and easy way. Judging by the smiles at the event, we can say that the first of the monthly Wine-Downs was a success. Be sure to check out the next one on the 21st of July!


Stay Tuned!

The Wine-Downs and the Success Board go hand in hand when celebrating member milestones. That is why, as a part of the regular Wine-Down program, we will be announcing recent community successes from the Success Board.

Cheers to all the success stories happening in the Hub and click here to check out the details for the next event!

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