10 Reasons to Dust Off your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn’s acquisition by Microsoft has generated a large volume of conversation in the world media. People are talking about this on business development forums, at conferences, on blogs, on news media sites, and at the dinner table. Impact Hub Vienna is not immune to this trend and we aim to bring you the best information possible to navigate this new business opportunity.

A few weeks ago, Aneta posted an article on getting started with LinkedIn (which you can read here if you still don’t have a profile). This week we wanted to give those of you who have not looked at your profile in a little while, okay, a long while, reason to do so. In fact, we wanted to give you ten very good reasons.

IMG_4930Tell the World: Dusting off your profile and your previous job information gives you a chance to reinvigorate your profile to reflect the exciting things you are now doing. You should tell the world all about it and LinkedIn is the perfect way to do so.

IMG_4929Create new connections: An updated profile means that your network gets notified to the changes that you have made in your profile page (or your company’s profile page). This update notification means that you and your business are fresh in the minds of your network contacts. The next time your field of expertise comes up in conversation with a potential client or investor that is outside of your network, you are at the forefront of your contacts’ minds.

IMG_4928New opportunities: Use LinkedIn’s search function to find member profiles, both individual and institutional, that have a history of social impact investing. An updated profile can help potential investors determine if they want to invest in you or your company when you find them.

IMG_4927Share and share alike: Just like with HubNet, you can see what others within your field are doing. You can also exchange ideas with the millions of users in the broader business community on LinkedIn.

IMG_4925Great minds think alike: Groups are a more detailed and intimate way to share information within your networks. HubNet has them and so does LinkedIn. Groups allow you to expand your network to include the members with the groups and this further expands your network reach.

IMG_4924Manage your Brand: LinkedIn allows you to create your own individual profile page (and your organization page) as well as subsidiary pages. This means that you can create targeted pages and messaging for different groups and aspects of your network.


IMG_4923Create Brand Traffic: The features within LinkedIn make it one of the easiest and least expensive ways to build and manage a brand for your company. You can post photos and videos, as well as link your websites, blogs, and twitter feeds all in one convenient location. This also assists in developing a brand following for your company or product through more social media sharing; which means more traffic, in general, for your site.

IMG_4922Stop the Silent Treatment: In a post from two weeks ago we discussed the need to keep talking to your customers through social media sites, and LinkedIn is one of them. If you have a profile, but have not updated it in a long time, it is the same as if you stopped speaking to everyone in your professional network. Remember that these are potential clients and investors and you have to continue to build a relationship with them; updating your profile is a good way to do that.

IMG_4921Come Find Me: According to Forbes Online and LinkedIn Pulse updating your profile can boost you and your company to the top of google search lists. Refreshing your profile and Search Engine Optimizing can get your company higher on the list of returned Google search items; that is good exposure for any social start up organization.

IMG_4920We’re Here: That is right, Impact Hub Vienna is following our own advice and we are refreshing the content of our LinkedIn profile. Come find us on LinkedIn and follow us. Our new profile will be launching next week!

Jennifer Cornick Freelance journalist and blogger for various publications in Vienna. When I am not writing, I can generally be found with a book (or anything with words on it - even cereal boxes). Photo Credit: Aneta Pawlik