It’s time to take a trip!

Summer is here and so is warm weather, lots of sunshine, summer holidays and trips.

The summer months are always quiet at Impact Hub Vienna. Many Hubbers go on holiday, work outside or just relax and enjoy the weather. Some of you may think that these breaks from work are ‘bad’ and that they give you guilty feelings that you are ‘not working hard enough,’ but many scientific studies have shown the importance of having breaks and taking trips.

But what are some of the BENEFITS of taking a break?

  • Breaks make you happy!
  • Breaks help you re-evaluate your goals
  • Breaks help you make new connections in your brain
  • Breaks help you generate new ideas
  • Breaks give you a fresh outlook on your problems
  • And once more because its important – breaks make you happy!

It is hard to quantify the value of longer breaks and holidays from work, yet we can see it is a regular practice within many companies. Every 7 years designer, Stefan Sagmeister takes 1 year off to reassess his work and his priorities, he even did a TED Talk on the idea! Other companies often take company retreats for example, in 2015 Buffer spent $111,874 on their company retreat to improve interpersonal connections. Not too shabby.

Like these companies, we at Impact Hub Vienna understand this and actively encourage our team and members to take regular breaks, both privately and as a team. What’s more is that our members agree with us, and some even offer opportunities to take breaks with them!



naleia-universal-new_5687_0x150Naleia Yachting, run by Dominik Sarapata, is a week of sailing for people who want to recharge their batteries, meet easy going, open-hearted people and experience friendship and bonding with total strangers. It is a week of exploring wild and secluded bays, eating in cosy, local restaurants and retreating to an adventurous life driven by the forces of the nature.





Valentin Heppner from Alpine Verein, organises a wide range of tours and activities in nature. He recently organised a rafting event for the Impact Hub Vienna community, if you take a tour with him you are sure to have a fun adventure!



Authenticities-LogoAuthentictys is an online platform based at Impact Hub Madrid that connects visitors with local and unforgettable experiences. They are recent participants of the Impact Hub Scaling Program and they design and host experiences with our community of entrepreneurs to curate an incredible time that is sure to leave a positive impact in the city.



So make sure you take some time out this summer for a break in the sun!

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