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Here at Impact Hub we always try to look at things from a different perspective and listen to what our members want. When we thought about the space we have available here, we decided to take some inspiration from the art world and try a different tact.

You may have noticed that we have been searching for artists, designers and creatives and offering them space to display their work. Our space is perfect for showing off Vienna based artists and we are excited to welcome them into our community. The deal is that we give these artists a space to exhibit their work for free and they get 100% of the profit if a piece is sold. Pretty solid deal if you ask us.

We put out the call a while back and it generated a lot of interest. Photographers, illustrators, designers, artists and print makers all submitted their portfolios and we were astounded at the talent that exists in Vienna.

We narrowed it down and are proud to introduce you to the 4 artists selected. Works from these artists will be displayed throughout Impact Hub Vienna later this year.

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Michaela Putz is a multi-media artist.

Her work deals with social systems and the institutional context where they are used. For example, she analyses rituals within child-welfare or patient-doctor interactions and sees how those rituals change human relationships. While studying printmaking in Vienna, she created graphic works and large-scale installations, which serve as mappings of these influences on the subject. You can check out her work here.


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Guilio Paolini is a photographer.

Giulio Paolini is an applied and artistic photographer. His work seeks to interact with people and their artifacts on a stronger more visceral level, in order to bring out the social dynamics that lay behind them and make them visible. For instance, in his ‘Next Generation’ series he seeks to engage people in a conversation about their digital personas and their instincts. You can see his work here.





Barbara Moura is an illustrator.

Barbara Moura is a full time dreamer and illustrator based in Vienna. The main subjects of her illustrations are usually feminism, sexuality, world problems or emotional struggles, often personalised by self-portraits. View her portfolio online here.





Pauline Louise Noemi Jocher is a graphic designer.

She is interested in extraordinary surfaces and details. Organic inspired structures comprise the fundamentals for her drawings and prints. Pauline’s goal is not to depict the subjects as they are, rather as she imagines them in perfection. Check out her work here.


The exhibition of the works from these artists at Impact Hub Vienna will be kicked off with a vernissage during our Wine Down on October 20 under the topic “Breaking Patterns”.

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