LinkedIn: Step by step, ooo baby!

LinkedIn: it’s not just for your next job search any more. The social network we all know about is up to do good!

The platform is now actively investing in promoting social change among its more than 300 million users. LinkedIn For Good, is a service used to connect people in need, to people with skills and willingness to help them. It’s all part of their desire to increase volunteerism and create social change, with human capital. And we are totally on board.

If the 10 reasons we gave you to dust off your profile wasn’t enough, this is another great reason to do so! So, let’s roll up our sleeves and get down to business.

Here is an easy—and fun—step-by-step* guide to get you on board with us:


Step 1 — We can have lots of fun


Let’s impact the world together. “Social impact organizations—social entrepreneurs included—are notoriously strapped for resources, but they are also some of the most innovative individuals in the world,” acknowledges Bob Spoer from LinkedIn. How do you get talent to help you on your mission to change the world? LinkedIn teamed up with VolunteerMatch to fill in this gap using its social network platform. One way is by allowing its members to showcase the causes they are passionate about on their profile, and whether or not they are interested in volunteer work. Another feature is to enable members to browse through non-profit and volunteer job listings the same way they would do with any other kind of job.

“Imagine the collective impact of each of our 300 million members finding and acting on one volunteer opportunity on LinkedIn—it could create transformational social impact,” says Spoer.

Action: Find people that are as passionate about your cause as you are, and have a set of skills that you need to move forward with your start-up. Or contribute to a cause you love. Join groups on LinkedIn!


Step 2 — There’s so much we can do


True story. Who has the time to create and maintain yet another social media platform? But we are here to help. The best thing you can do is to divide and conquer. Don’t try to do all at once. Make a plan, for example, Day1: work on your profile; Day 2: Join Groups; Day 3: Follow organizations and potential investors.

Laura Shin, who is a career adviser and finance writer genius, devised 5 smart ways to use LinkedIn and get the most out of it. In addition to making your profile findable and visually appealing, make sure you connect strategically and stay active on the site. Laura advises us to “remind your contacts that you’re doing good work by regularly sharing links relevant to others in your industry, keeping your profile current, and updating your profile when you are hired for a new position or have another accomplishment to tout.”

Action: To get you started, we will help you follow her first tip: To make your profile visually appealing and findable. If you don’t have a nice picture to use on your LinkedIn profile, come talk to us. We can help you out with it. We can also use this photo to get you up on our new Success Board at the Impact Hub. As for your headline, which runs right under your name, don’t only state your current job position as most people do. It is better to be more creative. Describe what you do, or write about your skill set, using keywords you would search for in your field, and keep it short, like a tweet.


Step 3 — It’s just you and me



We are following our own advice. Impact Hub Vienna is working on its LinkedIn presence to get the most of it. If the platform is up to do good and is offering opportunities to create even more impact, we are in! We have already revamped our profile page and changed the text that introduces what we do. We are also working on a better picture that represents who we are, and we are now making connections with the most important people – this means you. Our members first!

And that’s why we want you with us. We are more than 400 like-minded people at the Impact Hub Vienna alone. Once you complete your profile, don’t forget to find us there too.

Action: This one is easy: Connect with Impact Hub Vienna, here is the link for you.


Step 4 — I can give you more


We are the most connected hub in the world. That’s right! We strive to get connected with other hubs all over the world. We believe in collaboration and movement-building. One of our goals in getting more active on LinkedIn is to get you exposed to the right people. Besides connecting to Impact Hub members around the globe, we want to connect with the start-up scene here and abroad, to link to our current partners, meet potential investors and forge new relationships.

Action: If you have any suggestions of who you want us to be connected with or any company that would benefit our community, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Step 5 — Don’t you know that the time is right?


If you are still skeptical about it consider this: every second two new members join LinkedIn. The platform is growing at a fast rate, and will keep this trend going now that Microsoft has bought it for no less than 26 Billion dollars…in cash!

LinkedIn is definitely worth paying attention to. It’s super useful for anyone who’s either searching for a job, trying to network with like-minded individuals, or starting a company.

LinkedIn offers many resources for entrepreneurs, such as groups, including the very popular “On Startups” group that has over 54,000 members. Branded properly, entrepreneurs can attract the right kind of business opportunities and talents. You can also search for service providers or partners there.

Plus, for any kind of career opportunity, Laura Shin says, “whether it be a new job, speaking engagement or collaboration, a professional online presence is needed for. And a LinkedIn profile, done right, can be that much-needed online resume, that helps ensure the good work you do is publicly recognized and that others know how to reach you with relevant opportunities.”

Action: Create a group and be part of a community. Make sure you share consistently to your LinkedIn company page and profile by for example scheduling your posts.


While doing this step-by-step, have some fun and dance a little to the original tunes with the most famous boys-band from the 90s: New Kids on the Block*.



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