Strike a yoga pose with our new resident Hub yogis

Now take a deep breath in, hold it for three counts and then exhale, because you’re about to read an article about yoga at the Hub.

As you might have guessed it, Impact Hub Vienna is now offering weekly yoga classes. Every Tuesday morning, you can relax and reinvigorate at the Hub, setting you up for a productive and stress reduced work week. Classes are held by two wonderful yogis Elena Popov and Annemarie Punschart. I recently attended one of Annemarie’s morning classes and got to catch up with her about her yoga journey and how she ended up at Impact Hub Vienna.

Originally from Austria, Annemarie recently moved back after spending the past 21 years in New York City and Colorado. She is a dual citizen and considers herself to be an “Austro American,” a real mash up of both cultures, as she has spent such a significant amount of time in both countries. She learned about Impact Hub Vienna a while back and was impressed by its “positive, upbeat, inspiring and collaborative” vibe, where members were working together, “in support of a more sustainable world.” She was hooked and couldn’t wait to get involved.

What sparked your interest in yoga?

I started doing YOGA in the Jivamukti tradition in the early 90s when I was living in NYC. At some point all the “Sex and the City” women were all doing yoga, so then I simply had to follow the trend as a true New Yorker.

Practicing yoga and becoming an instructor are very different. Why did you decide to teach?

After a devastating skydiving accident in 2003, I experienced a broken spine, spinal surgery, serious nerve damage to inner organs and a broken leg bones. This experience dramatically and mindfully turned my connection to body, spirit and community. Yoga helped me get my broken body and mind back in line, all of the sudden it also was not just about the movements and postures any longer, I started to also listen and follow the entire yoga lifestyle teachings that connect body, mind, emotions and intellect. Its so powerful and beautiful to become more aware, more aligned and in tune.

What brought you to Vienna? If you’re not from here 😉

LOVE originally brought me back to Vienna (hmmmm, that one did now work out so well…) and I guess my curiosity about how it would be move back to Austria again after all these years. I liked the idea of digging around my roots a bit more in detail. Also family brought me back of course and my vagabond heart that constantly asks for that genuine life experience.

What projects are you working on? is my yoga lifestyle platform.  I am combining my yoga and meditation classes with a radio show with the same name on Every 2nd and 4th Friday @ 7am ‘the yogic edition’ and every FIRST Sunday @ 11pm, ‘the pop|culture edition.’ I am building my brand on that platform, which includes my teachings and offerings, and am currently thinking of turning it into a VEREIN in order to receive financial support for my passion and quest to support mindfulness and help heal the world. Big dreams, I know.
Vf pop_culture_YOGA
With my affiliation I help organizations, associations, event and seminar organizers to find the right hotel and meeting room locations for their events, assist in negotiating the contracts and add my 20+ years in the convention and meeting planning world to their wealth of expertise, all @ NO COST. If you know of anyone having a hard time with finding and deciding on the right hotel or struggling with hotel contracts for any of their events, have them contact me. This is my big girl job, but I would like to reverse the ranking here soon.

What are you passionate about (besides yoga)?

– the entire yoga lifestyle
– hosting my radio show
– traveling
– people
– conversations
– wine, whiskey, food
– everything outdoors
– finding a way to get VENUSfrequency really off the ground (if you have any tips please let me know; I’m all ears!)
-updating my Facebook and Instagram channels

Where else can people find you when you’re not at Impact Hub?

– riding a heavy city bike around town or my fast roadbike to Tulln and back
– lying in the sun along the Danube somewhere
– riding trains all over Austria (I’m trying to do the no car thing)
– having a good glass of wine and a bite to eat with friends
– snowboarding in the winter
– looking for a choir to join somewhere to sing songs besides my “om-mmming and chanting mantras”

Why should Impact Hub members do more yoga?

It goes with everything that Impact Hubbers stand for! We are the ones that positively impact the world, and so does yoga. Its not just about the movement, there is so much more to it. I encourage everyone to come see, listen and be part of at least one class to get you started. I teach what I call a ‘pop|culture’ way of the yoga lifestyle. Is there is good music? Yes. Are there chanting and meditation and breathing exercises? Sometimes… but everything is brought to you in a very modern and understandable way. Trust me. Practicing yoga is so powerful and in the long run, it will make the world a better place. In one hour you get empowerment, tons of energy, some ancient wisdom, strength and the constant reminder to come back to YOUR present moment, your center… all with a cool community of Hubbers right there with you! YOGA, meditation, and mindfulness are not just trending because of the cool pants and music, they really do elevate all of our existence to be better. Its becoming part of our culture and it for sure doesn’t hurt!

Thanks for the insights Annemarie and I’ll definitely be seeing you on Tuesdays at 8am!

Hailey Still

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