Education is the way forward

Education is the path forward; the path forward out of poverty, for sustainable growth and development, and for continual innovation. Creating inclusive and affordable education initiatives to help children and families grow within healthy communities is the focus of some ventures in Impact Hub Vienna.  The development of new skills to help our children thrive in the future business landscape is essential.  As a society, new educational approaches and initiatives are needed and several Impact Hub Vienna Members are creating new methods and means of educating children from within the current formal system and expanding the reach of education beyond the classroom.


talentify logo copyTalentify is creating better educational opportunities for students within the current school system.  For Talentify, education is partially inherited through parental education levels and income level.  This has a twofold effect on education of children from lower income families, it often means that they cannot access help at home and that private tutoring to advance in subject areas is unaffordable.  Talentify proposes a social exchange platform between peers that would allow students to teach each other and gain valuable job related skills in the process.  This removes the financial burden from students and their families as well as creates a valuable platform for all students to skill share.  


komplett_SIA_LogoSchule im Aufbruch wants to create a better classroom for children to develop their full potential as creative thinkers and problem-solvers.  The purpose of their venture is to create inspiring classroom environments that are more responsive to the individual needs of children.  They work with community and school leaders to change the way education is perceived and the classroom environment functions. Schule im Aufbruch has created an exchange platform with educational experts to help teachers move students towards a sense of personal responsibility for their education as opposed to a duty to fulfill their educational requirements.  


Three-Coins-Logo_web1Cropped1In an increasingly complex and global financial environment navigating one’s personal finances is becoming more difficult to understand.  
Three Coins fills that knowledge gap by providing easily accessible and understanding financial literacy tools.  Their flagship product, CURE Runners, is the award winning smartphone app that teaches young and old alike about financial literacy; education through gamificiation.  Three Coins is launching a new smartphone app that allows an individual to learn about their financial behaviour without numbers; with graphic displays and an intuitive format anyone can learn about their own budget and financial literacy.


Neuwal is working onneuwal education in politics. With the upcoming elections for Bundespräsident in Austria, every vote is critical. To address this issue, Dieter Zirnig organized the Langer Tag der Politik, an Austrian-wide event that helped bring students and first time voters up to speed on everything regarding the election. It was hugely successful, reaching over 5.000 students across the entire country. In lieu of the revote taking place on October 2nd, Neuwal has organized PopUp Politik, a workshop tailored to educate voters on the candidates and issues that are important for the revote this fall.

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