What’s our Impact?

Inspiration. Connection. Engagement. Support. Impact Hub is all about growing a locally rooted and globally connected community. Also, we try to create as much positive impact as humanly possible.

Ready. Set. Go.


But have you ever asked yourself – how we do that exactly? I mean, how do you come up with measurable impact data? You might sense it when you work in Lindengasse 56, hear about an unexpected connection made at the Hub or join one of the community events like the Sexy Salad. But what are the hard cold facts and measurable impact we create as a community?

On Thursday 22nd of September we hosted our 2nd TownHall meeting where we brought you up to speed on the developments at the Hub and presented our first ever Impact Report (printed version can be found at reception an online version is coming soon).


“But what is the Impact Report?” Well, I’m glad you asked! It’s a 73 page booklet full of facts and figures, supported impact ventures and hosted Programs and Events.


And here are some numbers to underline how cool the Impact Report is:

In 2015 27,432 hours of support were given from members to members

There were over 250 events hosted last year and we are projecting over 450 events for 2016.

Also there were 503 new jobs created and 6.6 million clients were reached!

If you want to be smacked with more inspirational numbers and pretty Impact Hub pictures, feel free to grab an Impact Report yourself. The Hosts have them at the Welcome Desk and its definitely worth picking one up.


The Town Hall was not only about reflecting on our impact from last year, we also asked for YOUR needs and visions. So, three interactive feedback groups were formed, focusing on Strategy2020, Space and Community. Guests joined different groups and we received some well needed input from the community.

In Alexis’ strategy brainstorming session, the community showed interest in participating in the development and implementation of our 2020 strategy. As a result, we are going to be hosting quarterly strategy sessions with the community, to keep the improvements coming.

Our Space Curator Babsi held a brainstorming session for how we can improve our space. She also revealed some space changes happening in the future such as the Do-It-Yourself Space from Woodsaw which will be opened before the end of 2016.

The third breakout session was held by Dushan, our Community Host. He posed the question on how we might inspire, connect, and enable our community? Some of the ideas were:

An Open Books Event, one-on-one Coaching and an Impact Hub Marathon Group.

If you want to poke around a bit more, you can find some of the other suggestions here and if you want to see these ideas become reality even faster, be sure to get in touch with Dushan at [email protected]

If you want to continue the conversation on Space and Strategy, feel free to send your thoughts to: [email protected] and b[email protected]


After the feedback sessions we went on to redefine Octoberfest and celebrate collaboration. We brought together classical Weißbier & Weißwurst with innovative Beer Cocktails and connecting games like the Collaboration Bingo.

The team from Younited Cultures kicked off their Crowdfunding Campaign and hosted the Diversity Sock Party – where some hilarious pics were created.

Be sure to check out the next WineDown on the 20th of October!

See you there,

your Impact Hub Vienna Community Team


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