Breaking out with the Breaking Patterns Festival

Polarization and fragmentation have now become they way we live our lives.

It is us and them; city dwellers versus country dwellers, right wing versus left wing, or creative versus corporate. While it seems to be completely natural to divide the world into us and them – this has become our pattern of living and thinking. At Impact Hub Vienna, we wanted to challenge this view of the world and so we created an event to unlearn our regular patterns of living and thinking.

And by unlearn – we, of course, mean smashing it to bits by attending the Breaking Patterns Festival on October 25 – 26.

Speakers and Guests of Honour

The festival will be two days of speakers, workshops, networking events, and seminars. We will be exploring new ways experiencing the world. From Veronika Fiegl, a practitioner in the Grinberg method, who will help you channel your fear and anxiety into amazing drive to Tomáš Sedláček, the author of The Economics of Good and Evil, where he shatters the paradigm that economics is not about mathematical interpretations of consumer and market behaviour, but in fact a more fundamental and visceral question of ethics.

(My) Reality – the Virtual Reality Experience

Vrei, the Virtual Reality Lounge down the street, will be hosting a virtual reality event. The VR experience is a paradigm shift in and of itself, with completely immersive sound and video. However, we wanted to show you what life is like in a refugee camp. So Impact Hub Vienna and Vrei have partnered to bring you (My) Reality, an experience like no other to show people the life and conditions that refugees experience in camps around the world.

So come on an amazing journey with us and learn how to break your regular patterns. Change your routine for a few days (or longer!) and join us at Impact Hub Vienna for the Breaking Patterns Festival. Check out the website and purchase your tickets. We look forward to seeing you there!

Jennifer Cornick Freelance journalist and blogger for various publications in Vienna. When I am not writing, I can generally be found with a book (or anything with words on it - even cereal boxes). Photo Credit: Aneta Pawlik

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