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According to Forbes Magazine Austria, Impact Hub Vienna was recognized as one of the Top 20 Accelerators in the World in 2015.

Congratulations Accelerate Team!


This comes hot on the heels of a recent survey conducted by the Thomson Reuters Foundation, which ranked the best countries in the world for social entrepreneurship.

Impressively, Austria ranked 11th out of 45 countries in terms of female social entrepreneurship.

The aim of the survey was to assess the climate of entrepreneurship across the world to see which environments (including political and financial) are most supportive of businesses wishing to make a social impact.

In each country surveyed, the Thomas Reuters Foundation contacted 20 experts across the area of social entrepreneurship for their responses. 47.5% of respondents were social entrepreneurs themselves, while the remainder included policymakers, investors, academics and ‘others’. 48% of respondents were women.

The top 3 countries may not surprise you – the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom, however others in the top 10 might. Israel was ranked 5th, scoring top points for ‘Public Understanding’ meaning that the general public understands what social entrepreneurs do. Chile was ranked 6th, partly due to good government policy that supports social entrepreneurs.

In regards to the women’s poll, the top 3 countries are a mixed bag – The Philippines, Russia and Norway. This assessment was based on 2 aspects – the gender gap and representation in leadership roles (in social enterprises).

The areas where Austria preformed slightly better than average included:

  • Social entrepreneurship gaining momentum
  • Social entrepreneur access to the non-financial support they need (e.g. financial, legal and technical advice; access to markets and networks; coaching, mentoring and training)

These factors go a long way in showing that soon – maybe even next year – Austria will rank even better.

Click here to read the full results.

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