Hub Swap! Giving old clothes a new life

On the last Sunday of October, Hub Members, friends, friends of friends, and a few curious passersby stepped out of the chill of a dreary day to spend a fun and warm afternoon at Impact Hub for the year’s first Hub Swap event.


The swap first started as a small clothing swap between Laura Mosquera and a few friends but quickly grew and grew to the point where Laura decided to open it up to others.


Fueled by coffee from the Iss mich Bistro and a buffet of delicious home-made desserts which included spice cake, marble cake, and banana-coconut muffins, everyone made good use of the fitting rooms as they swapped their old clothes to search for something new. A large selection of clothing was available from your standard sweaters and t-shirts to accessories like bracelets, earrings, and everyone’s favourite eel tie. Heels, sandals, bags, purses, trainers, hats, shawls, blazers, there was something for everyone. There was even a Dirndl up for grabs!


As the afternoon turned to evening, after plenty of clothes had been swapped and the event was about to end, there were some items left. Clothing imbued with the history of their previous owners, of relaxing afternoons and parties gone by lay patiently on tables still waiting for a second or possibly even a third life. I wondered what would happen to them. Would they get another chance? Good news! They would. All clothes that were leftover from the Hub Swap were donated to Caritas.


A big thank you to the main organizers of the Hub Swap: Laura, Sophie, Johanna, Taki, Julia, and all the volunteers who contributed like Tina, Helena, and Nadine. And another special thanks to Danae for opening up the Iss mich Bistro on a Sunday afternoon.

If you were too busy and missed this wonderful event, don’t worry! As a result of extremely positive feedback and demand, a future Hub Swap event is in the works. The target date is sometime next year so stay tuned! If you want to keep up to date on Impact Hub events, sign up for to newsletter or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube!

Baldwin Tong A writer who wears many hats, mostly metaphorical ones.