5 great podcasts for the entrepreneur

Who would’ve thought that listening to hours and hours of information on a topic could be so inspiring? Podcasts are everywhere and there are hundreds of thousands out there. But given the vast amount of content, it’s sometimes a bit difficult to find what you’re looking for so I’ve gone ahead and done some of the work for you.

Here are 5 great podcasts for the entrepreneur. Listen to them and learn about what it takes to be a success.

How I Built This


Produced by NPR (National Public Radio, get to know the name because they always produce great podcasts) and hosted by Guy Raz, How I Built This tells the stories of the world’s most recognisable companies and brands through a long-form interview with their founders. You’ll hear about their triumphs, their setbacks, how they persevered through thick and thin, and you’ll realise that these extraordinarily successful people were at some point in time no different than you or me.

TED Radio Hour


Technology. Entertainment. Design. I think we all know what TED’s about. If you can’t get enough of TED Talks, there’s the TED Radio Hour. Co-Produced by NPR & TED and once again hosted by Guy Raz, every episode is based on a TED Talk and focuses on a theme or an idea. Take the lessons that you learn from this inspiring podcast and use them to innovate the world around you.

The Tim Ferriss Show


Previously best known for being the author of The 4-Hour Workweek and now better known as the host of his own podcast, The Tim Ferriss Show explores various topics through long-form interviews with experts. Now 200 episodes deep, there’s tons to dig into. Guests come from all walks of life so the conversations are always interesting.

Startup School Radio


Startup School Radio is a weekly podcast where partners at Y Combinator talk to startup founders and investors. Learn about how they overcome adversity and the difficulties of managing a growing company. It’s the stories of the startups of today, the companies that you haven’t heard of, yet.

The Tony Robbins Podcast


No matter what you think of him and his methods, you can’t deny that he’s anything but sincere in wanting to help people and now he has his own podcast. The topics center around business, motivation, and self-improvement and are explored through guest interviews or excerpts from some of his seminars. If you want to know what Tony Robbins is all about, The Tony Robbins Podcast will give you a pretty good idea.

And more

This list is by no means comprehensive. There are hundreds if not thousands of other podcasts about entrepreneurship. Feel free to explore! Podcasts are for anyone and everyone. And because I think podcasts are amazing and there’s so much great content out there, here’s 5 more podcasts to check out that are less related to entrepreneurship, but are just as interesting: Freakonomics Radio, Invisibilia, Hidden Brain, Stuff You Should Know, and Women of the Hour.

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