6 reasons why co-working is good for you – and your business

For a while now ‘co-working’ has been a buzzword, but have you taken the time to think about how it can really benefit you?

With so many people starting their own business or working on an innovative start up, co-working really will give you the edge you need. Here are six good reasons why…

1. Community

Co-working allows you to be surrounded by others just like you, who want to be part of a community. No longer do you have to be isolated at home, you can have ‘colleagues’ without having colleagues. These people can become a sounding board and support system for you, offering advice or opinions when you need it – something that is missing when you work alone.

Plus, it gives you some cool people to have lunch with.


2. Collaboration

Often times co-working spaces (like Impact Hub Vienna) are incubators for new ventures and start-ups, and a haven for people who are experts in their field. Being a part of this means you have unlimited opportunities to collaborate with others on innovative projects and possibly even snag some new clients. If nothing else, having access to these experts will allow you to seek advice on your own work, saving you time and money.


3. Know what’s going on

A co-working community has the pulse of the city and knows what is happening when and where. If you are trying to break into the start up scene or are new to a city, it is likely that your co-working space will be invaluable to you. Talk to other members and ask around about what is happening and what you can be a part of.


4. Inspiration & Creativity

Take a peek through the doors of any co-working space and you will often see some of the most talented and creative people the city has to offer. Designers, innovators, storytellers, digital experts – people who join co-working spaces because they want to think (and work) outside the box to create something new. This creativity is infectious and can only have a positive effect on you and your work.

Take some time to look at the projects of other members and be inspired. Seeing what is possible can help you break through any blocks you have in your own work.


5. Knowledge

In addition to networking and having access to expert members, co-working spaces are often the venue for workshops and training seminars. Sometimes these are formal (the accelerate program) while other times they are simply members helping members (Hubbers helping Hubbers). As a member you get the inside scoop on what events are coming up.

Deloitte co-working at Impact Hub Vienna

6. Work-life balance

While working from home may seem ideal, it is not always the dream that it is portrayed to be. There are a million distractions (hello Netflix!) that can take you off topic at any time of the day. Unless you are super motivated and disciplined, home may not be the most productive place to work.


So get out of your house (and your pyjamas) and into Impact Hub! You can book a free tour here, purchase a day ticket or view the membership options here. You can also stay updated with all the awesomeness we are up to by subscribing to our newsletter.

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