Re:Visiting winners of 2016 RE:WIEN

RE:WIEN, a program launched in cooperation with OekoBusiness Wien and Impact Hub Vienna, opened its doors for enrollment last month and we are excited to see change makers come forward to put their creative, make-Vienna-better social impact solutions through an intensive six months long workout.

While the applications are running until the 19th of February, we decided to reach out to two 2016 program winners to check in with them and ask them about their experience. Meet Bert and DmHmT (Design meets Handcraft meets Technology).

What is RE:WIEN?

RE:WIEN supports start-ups/ventures that develop new solutions and try to create a positive impact on society (social/environmental impact). In an intense 6 months process, RE:WIEN works with ventures to develop their ideas further, establish smart and resource-efficient processes and build strong and sustainable businesses operating on the market. More info here.

Re:Wien venturesBert – March 2016 Winner

Bert  is sold and advertised as a roof brand for craftsmen, furniture and furnishings, which are designed as small series. Through Autumn and Spring campaigns on specific topics (for example, seats), new products and manufacturers are being presented, which are then included in the range of the webshop and redistributed. We spoke to Ingmar Fuhrich, one of the Bert team members. 

What inspired you to set up your venture?

After over 15 years of building furniture, I thought that it’s the time to step into the spotlight and advertise my work. But why stand alone when so many of my colleagues also do great work and struggle to increase their popularity reach? Why not bundle resources, products, ideas and strengthen the community? So the idea for the hub „BERT arge möbel“ was born!

What made you apply to RE:WIEN?

We consulted Christine Spernbauer from Impact Hub ( regarding our project. She recommended Re:Wien, which appeared to be custom.

What was the most valuable part of RE:WIEN for you?

Getting feedback from experts, helped us to focus on the relevant parts of our venture.

How did your business change thanks to the program?

Our „baby“ became somehow more of an adult 😉

What advice do you have for the future program participants?

Ask precisely what the program is all about and then make as much use of the support as you can get!

Would you do the program again?

I would immediately do the program again 🙂

 RE:WIEN Final Event 2016 happened on 14th November
RE:WIEN Final Event 2016, 14th November Photo by Iza Hegedűs. See the photoalbum here.


Re:WienDmHmT – March 2016 Winner

DmHmT (Design meets Handcraft meets Technology) curates and designs tailor-made furniture and accessories that combine the possibilities of digital production and high-quality Viennese craftsmanship. Customers are encountered as pro-sumers, which means that the interaction with them is pro-active in order to create tailor-made solutions. We spoke to Juan Sebastián Gómez, the person behind the venture.

What inspired you to set up your venture?

The wish to contradict the notion that automatization will take jobs out. I saw the opportunity in mixing two opposite technologies as a message.
On the other hand, re-interpreting the concept of Viennese Handcraft and placing it far beyond its glorious but gone past.

What made you apply to RE:WIEN?

I was looking for the way to turn the idea into a business. I lack business knowledge; putting things on paper and imagining is rather what I can do, but structuring things and creating a business is a different task. But beyond that I recognized in the program a certain support for idealism, and I believe structuring ideas as business, is what turns them into reality.

What was the most valuable part of RE:WIEN for you?

The direct contact and counsel by the experts.

How did your business change thanks to the program?

The idea got a structure of its own. However, that is no recipe for success. The business failed but proving you might be wrong or right is a part of starting something up. I neither regret starting my venture, nor having dedicated hours and neurons to the program and idea. The knowledge remains and I did knew I was risking something. Totally worth it!

What advice do you have for the future program participants?

Remain open minded. You can have your doubts as well, but it’s important to risk and keep doing things. If you do believe things can be better structured through the program, go ahead and do it. Now, do not expect the job to appear done by magic. The program is not even a milestone, just a guide.

Would you do the program again?

Yes, however I would like it to be a bit more intense.


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You want to apply for RE:WIEN 2017?

 Find out more here.

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