Did you know that being a member of Impact Hub Vienna makes you an official citizen of the global Hubbersville? Congrats!

If you thought Impact Hub is just our cosy quarters at Lindengasse, think again. Impact Hub is in fact a global community anchored locally in the breathing urban ecosystems, where changes happen. Because you are part of a collective of other Hubs and Hubbers, we want you to join our virtual network and use it to get inspired, enabled, connected and discovered  on both, country and global altitudes.

Making the most of being a Hubber

Global network of changemakers

With 80 Impact Hubs spread across the world, we want you to reach out and connect with like-minded makers, innovators, entrepreneurs and collaborate in every sense of that word.

HubNet is where the international magic happens. It serves both as a data pool and a door connecting Vienna members with the rest of the IH world. If you are looking for a job opportunity abroad, insights from other changemakers or to scale your business to Santa Barbara, worry no more. Look on HubNet for international contacts and network, network, network. Pro tip: use hashtags to categorize your posts and spread the word!

Don’t know how to use Hubnet? Check out our useful ‘How to HubNet’ guide.

Locally rooted

Vienna is your home turf, the scene of your impact and your closely-knitted community. This is why we made the conscious decision to host our local Impact Hub Vienna group online on  Facebook. Our Facebook group is the single virtual space where Vienna-based people feel enabled, inspired and (virtually) connected.

The benefits of belonging to the Impact Hub Vienna Members Facebook group:

  • Communicate in one searchable (virtual) space
  • Continue that buzz, conversation or networking even if you aren’t at the Hub
  • Get invited to the hottest events and ongoing discussions
  • Tag, share, hashtag, update, ask for an opinion, find founders and prospective employees, seek or offer advice and support within your living distance
  • Become Facebook friends with whomever you connected with immediately
  • Share your professional (and private ;)) messages stress-free. We are all here to listen

In a nutshell, the platform aims to #enable #inspire and #connect you as the Hub itself.

Making the most of being a Hubber 2

So do not be shy!

Interact, support each other, be kind, and help us keep this community awesome.

Make use of the two Hubbers’ platforms we created for you to make you globally connected and locally anchored. And maybe, just maybe, you will connect in other unexpected ways…

This article had been created in cooperation with Alina Kairi, member of Impact Hub Vienna Members Communications Team. 

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