How to break the ice at a party

Sure, the chance to connect, collaborate and be part of a community of super interesting like-minded people, and get to learn from and be inspired by them is what drives you to come to work at Impact Hub Vienna. As opposed to working from home alone and in your pyjamas.

This is true for most of the people who choose to work in coworking spaces, and also the reason why people thrive in such places as said on Harvard Business Review. But how to get to know all these amazing people? Come to the party and talk to them!

And P!NK’s famous song goes:

“Makin’ my connection as I enter the room
Everybody’s chillin’ as I set up the groove
Pumpin’ up the volume with this brand new beat
Everybody’s dancin’ and their dancin’ for me
I’m your operator, you can call anytime
I’ll be your connection to the party line”


But what if I don’t know how to break the ice at a party?

Let’s face it, how comfortable are you in approaching strangers in a party? Or even going to a party for the sake of mingling with people you don’t know? If you are like me, your answer is probably “not so much.” But you know you want to!

Here is a hack to beat awkwardness, get out of your comfort zone, and win at this week’s party, and every social event that follows: The Dinner Party Download podcast.

“Dinner Party Download is an hour-long celebration of culture, food and conversation designed to help you dazzle your friends at this weekend’s get-together. In every episode, you’ll learn a joke, bone up on an odd bit of history and then wash it down with a themed cocktail. Plus, unconventional wisdom from hosts Rico Gagliano and Brendan Francis Newnam.”

Since the first time I listened to the Dinner Party Download, a couple of years ago, I have become a devotee and a huge advocate of the show. The podcast is structured in segments like a real dinner party. Although an hour-long, it feels much shorter, as it is always witty and fast-paced.

 how to break the ice at a party

To get things started, there is an Icebreaker, a celebrity tells a short and embarrassingly cheesy joke. Then there is the Small Talk, which is a piece of quirky news that most probably has been overlooked, while we were paying attention to the headlines. Followed by Cocktails (A History Lesson with Booze), where the hosts tell us “something fascinating that happened this week in history” then they invite a bartender to create a drink inspired by the historical event.

My favourite segments of the show are The Guest of Honor and Etiquette.

dpd-logo-w-apmThere is always a Guest of Honor, a super entertaining, informal, in-depth and, sadly, super short interview with one of the world’s top filmmakers, actors, writers, artists or musicians. The last episode they talked with film director Danny Boyle about his most recent movie, T2 Trainspotting.

In this same episode, they invited no one less than drag queen- superstar-diva, Ru Paul, to answer Etiquette questions, submitted by listeners. Questions are usually on how to behave politely in awkward situations. Sr. Ian McKellen , Gandalf himself, has answered these burning questions on the show before. The result is a mix of good advice and big laughs.

In short, with its blend of pop cultural current events, food trends and alcohol, this show has everything you need to win your next dinner party.

I hope you take advantage of my secret weapon and come prepared to have some great conversation and connect with all the amazing people that will be at our party. Check it out! You can start by listening to my favourite episode of all times!

Join the party!

April 6th, 2017 from 16:00 – 21:30 at the Hub. There will be a fun recap of the last 7 years, great food and drinks from iss mich, Brotpiloten and Vollpension, live music, and a Members’ market where you can buy products and services and support your fellow members! Be there and let’s celebrate together! More details here.

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