Sharing Economy: The Impact Hub members leading the charge

You’ve probably heard about the more popular examples of the sharing economy such as Uber and Airbnb. You’ve probably used those services just like I have. But what is the sharing economy?

The definition of it is fairly broad but basically, it’s the peer-to-peer exchange of goods and services through an online marketplace. Access instead of ownership. You don’t always need to drive a car so why own one if you can simply pay for one or borrow one when you need it? At Impact Hub Vienna, we have a few members that we’d like to shine a spotlight on who are leading the way in the local sharing economy.


FragNebenan is a social network for urban neighbourhoods. It’s a place for neighbours to connect and share knowledge, resources, organise mutual aid, or they can just chat about local issues. FragNebenan also empowers neighbours to organize and interact with property managers, community initiatives and local authorities. Its goal is to help remove some of the anonymity of living in a city, lower the barriers between neighbours, and get people who live near each other to connect. They’ve also got a great blog that highlights and discusses certain issues that tend to come about when people live next to each other in a community.

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hey! The Sharing Community

hey! Vienna is a local sharing community where people can offer products for rent and services for hire. You can rent bikes for a weekend outing in the countryside, a GoPro to record it, or if you don’t want to organize any of these things yourself, you can sign up for a bike tour instead. If you’re in the mood for it, you can hire a personal trainer, a photographer, and you can even take a basket-weaving workshop.

Sharing Economy The Impact Hub members leading the charge

Skillshare Breakfast

Skillshare Breakfast is a monthly mini-workshop event series hosted by and for members of Impact Hub Vienna, aiming to provide a platform for skill-exchange among the members of the community on a crowdsourced (bring-your-own-breakfast) basis. It is a great way to meet inspiring members, learn some new skills and even share your skills. For more info on the upcoming Skillshare Breakfasts get in touch with Alex [[email protected]].


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