Route28: A Pan European Road Trip in Vienna

Did you know that you can explore Europe right here in Vienna? No, really – we mean visiting multiple countries and getting a taste of their culture without travelling beyond the borders of our beautiful city. Don’t believe us? Let’s talk about a colourful initiative by Impact Hub Vienna members, Route28.

Route28 is a one-day event happening on the 6th of May at Museumsquartier, which offers the Vienna’s residents an opportunity to travel across the continent in creative and ingenious ways, right in their own backyard. By choosing one of the seven creative routes you get to experience Europe’s feeling in an entirely different way: compete in a Dutch “slow-biking” competition, make Polish pierogi, participate in an Irish pub quiz, celebrate a Swedish birthday complete with Pippi Longstocking, and many others.

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Europe is a feeling 

Created by Katharina Moser and her colleagues at the creative agency MOSAIK, Route28 helps people get excited about being European. They are convinced that ‘a personal experience increases the interest in another country and personal contact strengthens empathy’ (source). This is especially important given the wave of populism that has swept through the world and makes us feel disconnected from our nearest neighbours. Moser and her team wanted to highlight that differences between countries do exist – but that this diversity is rather a source of mutual inspiration, exchange and fun instead of fear or distance.

©Luiza Puiu
©Luiza Puiu

Creating connections via Route28

What links Belgium, Ireland, and the Czech Republic? That is easy – they are all collaborators. A travel guide will take you to several countries that are linked in new and interesting ways. What about aperitifs and small talk in France, a cooking course in Poland, and a poetry slam in Germany? While participating in exciting activities, the travellers will get to know not such well-known aspects of different cultures and immerse themselves in authentic experiences. Each station will be staffed with people coming from the countries you will be visiting at the event, which connects further and removes the stigma of unexplored lands through personal contact.

©Sascha Osaka
©Sascha Osaka


Where: Route28 kicks off at the MuseumsQuartier at 1 pm on May 6. You can find all the details on the official Route28 website.

What: There will be an opening concert in the courtyard and then the travellers are on their way. There are 15 stations along seven travel routes, there is even one for the younger travellers. The event is in German and also a great event for the whole family.

Register for Route28 here. Be quick, spaces are limited!