Authentic Leadership – a style in the making?

Leaders! We read about them, we hear about them, we are influenced by them. Our wishes and expectations for them may differ heavily, but this doesn’t stop them from writing history. In recent years, the importance of being authentic as a leader is being constantly emphasized. But what does being an authentic leader really mean?

We all have our different ideas on how an ideal leader should look like. These ideas are mostly based on our own psychological needs, character traits and skills. If we have high levels of anxiety, for example, we may feel the need to have a charismatic and authoritarian leader, who would provide some sense of security. Feeling a bit more confident may result in a wish to have a leader, who boats more humble approach, which in turn enables a rather collaborative environment.

Even if these ideas contrast with each other, they are all shaped by our perceptions of the world we live in and by the life experiences we have made so far. Different leadership styles will meet different needs and they all come with their own benefits and disadvantages.

How do these life experiences and perceptions occur?

By taking chances!


When we take in our life experiences and let our intuition guide us through them, we get in touch with our core-self. The more we experience and make mistakes, the more we find out about ourselves and what we really want in life.

In this process, some of us will realize, that they too, want to take the matter into their hands and become leaders. By letting their intuition guide them, they will also be able to find their own authentic leadership style.

However, authentic leadership is much more than just a style. It is based on a person’s character, it is based on the person as a whole. It may not make you the best leader, but it will enable you to stay true to yourself and honor the person you are meant to be in this life.

At the Impact Hub Vienna, we feel lucky to have some of the most proactive and influential leaders as our members, who are striving to change our community for the better.This is why we decided to dedicate time to explore their experiences and learn from them together.

In this upcoming series of articles, we will seek the answer to the question of how did our leaders at Impact Hub Vienna find their unique leadership style. We will ask them:

  • What experiences brought the Hubbers to their current leadership style?
  • How did they get in touch with their own intuition?
  • How did their leadership influence our community?

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Zeynep Ercan

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