5 impactful TV shows for the entrepreneur

This is the golden age of TV. We’re not just watching, we’re binge-watching. That’s how good TV is nowadays. It’s so good, you’re probably watching a TV show right now as you’re reading this. Hopefully, they’ll be one of the following 5 great TV shows for entrepreneurs.

Halt and Catch Fire

This show is a fictional retelling of the development of personal computer and the growth of the internet. It tells the story of Joe MacMillan, an ex-IBM executive who tries to reverse-engineer the company’s technology for his new firm, Cardiff Electric. Greed and ego affect all those involved as they try to give the giant of the computer industry some healthy competition.

The Wire

A seminal piece of television that over its five seasons gave a stunning portrait of the city of Baltimore. Learn how to deal with the law, politicians, and how to expand your empire. Yes, the empire in the show revolves around the business of drugs and crime but the lessons aren’t that dissimilar. Business is business, and it can be unforgiving.

Silicon Valley

Start-ups are all the rage and Silicon Valley clearly depicts all the absurdity and the surrealism that can be found in the start-up world. From the creator of the classic “Office Space”, which I remember seeing on its opening weekend in an empty theatre, Mike Judge turns his comedic focus onto the tech scene to show it in all its crazy glory.

Black Mirror

A great show, a compelling show, and a horrifying show of a very plausible future. A show that is great for the social entrepreneur because it clearly illustrates some of the ideas that we’re probably better off not pursuing. Whether it’s the ability to record your every experience or the social rating of you, the implications and consequences of these ideas are explored in fascinating ways. Every episode is self-contained so feel free to jump in whenever.


The newest show on this list, Girlboss is loosely based on the autobiography of Sophia Amoruso, who went from an eBay store selling vintage clothes to founder of Nasty Gal, a clothing retailer that at its peak was valued at $200 million. And she did it all before the age of 30! As much a lesson of what to do as it is of what not to do if you want to succeed.


And there you have it. Five great shows, each of a different genre, that’ll give you lessons on successful and not so successful entrepreneurship.

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Baldwin Tong A writer who wears many hats, mostly metaphorical ones.