7 Socially Impactful Apps

There are countless number of links you can find on the internet warning us about the possible side effects of smartphones and technology: social isolation, decrease in communication skills, decrease in sleep quality… But this time let’s focus on the apps that can make this world a better place. This is about technology done right.

Too Good To Go

You have probably heard of dumpster diving – collecting free fresh food that is thrown away daily by supermarkets – but what would you think if I told you there is a way to enjoy a great meal at a bargain price? „Too Good To Go“ makes this possible. Just like dumpster diving, the aim of this app is to help the environment and reduce food waste by enabling restaurants to sell their surplus food in eco-friendly takeaway boxes just before the restaurant closes. Download the app to see which restaurants are participating in Vienna or anywhere else your travels may take you.

ProDeaf Mobile

As the name suggests, The ProDeaf Mobile app is here to make communication easier between the deaf and hearing. The app provides you with instant translations from Portuguese to Brazilian Sign Language, or from English to American Sign Language.


Like the ProDeaf Mobile, FiveApp is also aims to support the Deaf community by providing a messenger that suits their needs. The Five CEO, Mateusz Mach, designed the app with the help of a group of freelance coders. At the beginning, Five was an app that lets you send custom hand signs and gestures to your friends, just like rappers do! With constructive feedback from the Deaf community and the cash influx from various venture capital firms, Mach was able to turn the app into something that has great social value.

Charity Miles Walk & Run Tracker

Did you know that you can walk your dog, and create impact at the same time? This app makes it possible for you to support charities while you are walking, running or cycling! Step by step, you will not only get fit, but also help create a society where more needs are met. If you want to turn your steps into money for charities too, all you have to do is start using this app. Talk about inspiration!

Sea Hero Quest

Finally, a game that fights dementia! Given the fact that it is very hard for doctors to differentiate between the symptoms of dementia and the symptoms of natural aging, this app helps create an anonymous database by tracking the navigational data you create while playing this game. As loss of navigational skills is one of the first symptoms of dementia, the game requires you to chase creatures around magical seas and swamps this is how it gathers information on human spatial navigation. The game makes it possible for you to have fun and contribute to the development of new diagnostic tools and treatments for dementia at the same time. Who wants to forget all those beautiful memories you made in life, after all?

ShareTheMeal – Help children

Hunger kills and this is what it takes to feed a child for a whole day: $0.50. This app by the United Nations World Food Programme gives you the chance to share your meal with a child in need. Although we have vaccinations for various deadly diseases, no vaccination can stop world hunger… but you can! Download the app to stop the suffering of hungry children.

Peek Acuity

If you are having problems with your eye sight, this is the right app for you. The app helps you measure your visual acuity and determine if you need any further examination by a professional. The app was created by eye care professionals, so it’s worth a try for sure!