Party Like it’s Impact Hub Vienna’s 7th Birthday – A Recap

On the April the 6th Impact Hub Vienna’s warm interior was filled with go-getters, changemakers, music, laughter and cake. Over two months later after Impact Hub Vienna’s birthday party celebrating the 7 years of its impactful existence, we invite you to relive this momentous event with us. Please, feel free to exclaim ‘What a wonderful party that was!’’ now and then while reading this post.

We kicked off at 16:15 opening the doors to members and their friends. The usual working buzz was replaced with light-hearted conversations and occasional shouts of ‘Place it there, please!’. Tabletops were set up with delicious cakes courtesy of the multi-generational cafe Vollpension, and sandwiches buffet prepared by Brotpiloten using unsold bread, which – despite being still a tasty treat – would have otherwise landed in the trash. At Impact Hub Vienna we party socially-impactfully.

As the party unwound around us, conversation flowed and Iss Mich! kept serving alcoholic beverages and soft drinks, you occasionally got a stranger poke you to ask one of the random questions from the Impact Hub Party Bingo. You laughed unabashed about your IHV shenanigans (‘Have you smooched somebody at the Hub?’ following by knowing smiles) and parted friends.

Impact Hub Vienna's 7th Birthday

The pre-party atmosphere is the perfect setting to be introduced to what Impact Hub members were up to. We set up a small Members’ Market where you could buy scarves that tell a story from Younited Cultures; talk bloody things with Erdbeerwoche and see sustainable sportswear developed by one of the Impact Hub employees, Sophie Thalhammer, who established Fitico Sportswear. After visiting zimtfilm’s little movie studio, you could learn more about going on a yachting trip with Dominik Sarapata from Naleia Yachting International, support multi-generational housing WGE! and try on a unique shirt from mamamu by Magdalena Muszynska. Impact Hub did not forget about making the shopping more fun than it regularly is and each visitor could do one at each stand to get a free drink. Oh, Impact Hub, you know us so well!

Impact Hub Vienna's 7th Birthday - Members Market

At 6 pm we were treated to a beautiful and moving piano concert by Matthias Lichtenthaler and everyone stopped and stared. This was probably the only moment in the history of the Hub when it was filled with so many people and still, you could hear a pin drop. A precious moment to treasure.

Impact Hub Vienna's 7th Birthday

Impact Hub Vienna's 7th Birthday 3

What followed was a combination of hilarious, moving, inspiring and simply historic – we heard emotional talks of gratitude and gratefulness from the top of IHV, our director Matthias Reisinger, as well as Simon from aWATTar, Laura from CARamel, Ahmad, a former host and now part of the IHV team, Katharina from Route28, Gabriela and Betti from Impact Hub Global and Nikolaus, one of our experts and the Co-founder of the Investment Ready Program. They shared their personal Impact Hub stories and magical moments. See for yourself!

By the way, you can watch the whole stream of the speeches here. All of us will also never forget this rendering of one of the best moments on British TV – think self-confidence, sweet dance moves and walking in on your father giving a live interview, adult version.

After we recovered from what felt like being a victim of a collective ROTFL condition, we returned to mingle and chat, eat delicious food, visited the market couple of times, and had our photos taken in the most unexpected moments. The night went on to the rhythms of music played by B3 und Ulrike Tisch and we celebrated the 7 years cycle together like the family we, Impact Hub Members, are.

Impact Hub Vienna's 7th Birthday

Special thanks to zimtfilm for taking this video at the party and streemed for setting up and running Facebook Live Stream so those, who couldn’t be with us in person could still be with us virtually.

You can view photos from the event on our Facebook page. 

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