A Short Guide to Event Spaces in Vienna

Planning a great event is tough and finding a venue that has the vibe, amenities, and a great location and getting the most out of your money is never an easy feat. The space you choose can have a huge impact on the event’s overall success, which is why we prepared this short but sweet guide to event spaces in Vienna to make your life easier!

A Short Guide to Event Spaces in Vienna


Probably the most demanding event out there. You want to make sure your guests can pick up their passes easily, the beamer is working fine, there are enough chairs, the WiFi is strong and—due to the format of the event—there is room for entertainment and a working air conditioning. Phew, it’s a long list. Here are our suggestions for professional conference venues in Vienna:

Austria Trend Savoyen Vienna

From the perspective of a frequent participant at marketing conferences, who visited Austria Trend more than once, this location offers everything. While being definitely at the upper end of the market, Austria Trend should be your go-to place if you are launching a high-profile event gathering an international audience, which is flying to Vienna to attend. With the biggest conference room measuring over 1000 square meters, the huge screens just across the main entranced, rows of chairs and tables arranged to your requirement, A+ catering and great facilities, it’s worth checking out.

Perfect for: well-publicised trade events which cater to demanding audience thus seek the best venues.
Prices: Pricing per person, check it out here.

25hours Hotel

Colourful interior, hipster vibe, eclectic style and a breeze of innovation – the creative conference spaces at 25hours Hotel are the right fit for gatherings of change makers. They rooms range from 48 square meters to a whopping 400 square meters of space on the roof of this cool venue. They offer comfortable rooms with seating arranged according to your want, add-ons such as projectors, charts, microphone or even DJ console.

Perfect for: young spirits, who want to gather like-minded people and teach them a thing or two in a wooden/coloured setting with in-house catering.
Price: Depends on the room size, facilities, and features. Custom event planner from 25hours Hotel here.

A Short Guide to Event Spaces in Vienna

Art event

So you want to host a poetry slam, an art exhibition, an art workshop? Vienna, the city exhaling culture at every corner, is the right place to do so. Art event spaces in Vienna are in abundance but these two are good fits for any artistic event format.

Café Korb

Enter the underground of Café Korb, located just a few steps from Vienna’s most popular architectural wonder, Stephansdom. Café Korb is as Viennese as it can get – the gem of Vienna’s famous coffee culture opened in 1904 proudly noting on its website that even His Majesty Emperor Franz Josef made an appearance. The history is quite literally plastered on the walls in the form of old posters and photos. The cafe offers a function room in the lower level, away from the usual sounds of regulars calling for a refill. This space has a small stage with a piano on it and enough room to host around 30-40 people comfortably.

Perfect for: Events for artistic souls, which love to connect in the smoky interiors of the days gone of an iconic space.
Prices: Inquiries and details here.

Go Pop-Up

Want something more spontaneous or artful? Go Pop-Up is a listing page for pop-up spaces for rent in the world. Major cities, including Vienna, submit their listings so that the visitors can comfortably browse in one online place.

Perfect for: Free spirited creatives, who want to daze spectators with something new and exciting.
Price: Varies, search here.


commonroom, a ceramic atelier and event room, is a community space inviting people of all age to dabble in art and design through various craft workshops. They also invite artists, photographers and designers to exhibit at their location. Since commonroom is a social project, it relies on contributions and involvement from the local community to thrive. Visit the space at Florianigasse 54 to see their quarters.

Perfect for: Small art exhibitions where you hope to connect with the audience as an artist. Also great if you want to facilitate meetings between exhibiting artists and interested folks!
Price: On request, contact details here.

A Short Guide to Event Spaces in Vienna


Cocoquadrat, Vienna’s first coworking café

This place is the perfect spot for small groups and workshop teaching. There is a range of rooms with capacity ranging from 6 to 35 people. The space is light and welcoming, equipped with flip charts, whiteboards, screens, and beamers depending on the room you book. There is also their amazing café, which can cover catering.

Perfect for: people looking to host hands-on workshops in rooms, which allow the presenters roam about freely and make contact with each participant. Not to mention the motivational quotes on the wall!
Price: Paid per hour, rooms starting at 9 euro/h. View more here.

Loffice Coworking Wien

Looking for a cosy room, where you can teach your class in an inspiring space? As we read on Loffice’s website, ‘ unique design, recycled interior, ergonomics and contemporary arts all come together between our walls’. Their open kitchen could be used for cooking workshops or project presentations, there is enough space to set up a class-style teaching space and plenty of natural light increases productivity. What more could one ask for?

Perfect for: Workshop leaders looking for a modern location for interactive workshops.
Prices: On demand, you need to send your request through this form.

A Short Guide to Event Spaces in Vienna



This co-working space in the 5th district has the perfect setting for an after-party or a business mix and mingle. You will be able to host up to 150 attendees who can lounge on Sektor5’s comfortable sofas, purchase drinks at the bar and listen to music in an entrepreneurship-infused minimal space.

Perfect for: Casual events, where you want people to roam freely, network and relax.
Price: Priced based on the event, view more details here.


Need a vegetarian-friendly restaurant with a solid WiFi, comfortable seating, open space plan and preferably looking stylish to host an after party? Visit Yamm! Near Schottenring, which has a set of rooms on the upper floor discreetly separating your party from the rest of the restaurant. If you prefer to stay at on the ground floor, the space plan makes it possible to separate into full sections of tables reserved for one party one. Not to mention the food is absolutely amazing!

Perfect for: events where participants want to let their hair down after a day of adventures and eat delicious vegetarian food.
Price: Send them an inquiry or visit Yamm! and ask for a tour.

Schlumberger Sparkling Wine Producer

We are in Wien so you should treat your event’s attendees to some Wein. Located in the 19th district, the Schlumberger sparkling wine cellar is the oldest of its kind in Austria. Take your party on a guided tour through the 300-year-old-cellar and enjoy five different sparkling wines from one of the most famous sparkling wine producers in Austria. If your audience does not speak the melodious language of Austrians, there are audio guides available in 8 languages.

Perfect for: Introducing your participants to locally produced Viennese specials and encouraging wine-fuelled networking.
Price: Guided tour plus a glass of Schlumberger: € 9/person. Guided tour plus tasting with samples of five different Schlumberger sparkling wines: € 18/person. Group rates and more details here.

There you have it – a selection of venues for 4 different types of events in Vienna. We hope that this list will come in handy!


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