Sustainable Fashion in Vienna

Looking good and wearing the latest fashion is a way in which we as humans can express our individuality. Thanks to globalization, the rising trend of fast-fashion makes it easier for people to reflect their personal style by purchasing cheap and trendy clothes. People can browse clothing options from around the globe sitting in the comfort of their own home.

But how often do we ask ourselves where our clothes come from, who made them, and how were they made?

There is, of course, no harm in trying to look good. There is no shame in feeling better after you buy a shirt that fits you perfectly. The problem is that when we are not conscious of how our clothes were made, what type of fabrics were used, and who made them, we may inadvertently be supporting bad practices, unfair trade, child exploitation, animal cruelty, and pollution. And that is a big price to pay for a trendy outfit.

The fashion industry is one of the largest polluters in the world with one of the largest carbon footprints of any other industry. Harmful pesticides are often used in cotton farming and the waste created by clothing disposal is growing exponentially every year.

So is there a way to keep your fashion on trend and avoid contributing to this harmful industry? Yes! The growing trend of sustainable fashion offers consumers an alternative to the harmful fast-fashion products. Several local entrepreneurs in Vienna have based their business on their belief that fashion can be sustainable without human and animal exploitation.

Here are a few of our favorite retailers selling sustainable fashion in Vienna.

Green Ground

Located in Porzellangasse 14-16, Green Ground sells “organic fashion that does not look like eco fashion.” While many organic fashion stores sell clothes that seem more “hippy” and not as on trend as clothes you would find at Zara or H&M, this store focuses on selling stylish and chic clothes that fashion-forward consumers will love. Featuring many sustainable and fair trade brands such as Coccoon, Brainshirt and Green Bomb, if you are into modern designs this is the place to be.




Located in Kirchengasse 13, Zerum is a store with high-quality standards and totally sustainable. They offer Bio-shirts, bags made with recyclable materials, bio shoes, fashion for men, women, and children. Everything green and made in Austria.



Another store that is worth mentioning is Kakao, a children’s clothing located in Strozzigasse 25. Like the shops previously mentioned, their clothes are all made of organic cotton, which in case you didn’t know, benefits farmers, traders, retailers, consumers and of course our precious environment.

kakao kindermode


So join the conscious-consumer movement and give sustainable fashion a try!


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