If you’ve been a Hubber for awhile, there’s a high chance that you’re familiar with Sexy Salads – weekly community lunch event series that has existed as long as the Impact Hub Vienna has. The original idea behind having a weekly member lunch event was simple: host a regular get-together on a weekly basis where members of the community can come together, meet each other, and have a meaningful exchange over a shared meal: talk about challenges that they’re facing as change makers, updates about what they’re working on, and share other exciting stories. Well, we’re both thrilled and feeling a bit of saudade to announce that we won’t be having them anymore. The event format worked wonderfully for us over the years, but it’s time to move on. Yes, it might sound like an end of an era, but it’s also a new beginning:

Sexy Salad + Koch Doch = Community Lunch with Koch Doch!

Community lunch feat. Koch Doch on Thursdays at 12:30; We are joining forces with Barbara Schöllenberger’s Koch Doch – a weekly slow food event where Barbara offers organic lunches with regionally produced veggies for a 7 euro contribution (brown bag lunch guests are also welcome)!

  • Want to enjoy Koch Doch? Save the date (they happen every Thursday) and keep an eye open for weekly meal announcements that would be shared some days before through our Facebook member group. Moreover, if you’d want to participate in the co-cooking process, you could join in from 10:30 onwards.

  • Have your own lunch (brown bag, tupperware, or something fresh from a kiosk around the corner)? Just pop in at the upstairs lunch table at 12:30 and share a meal and conversations with the rest of the community!

In a nutshell: from 19th of September there won’t be any Sexy Salads on Tuesdays, but you’re welcome to join us on Thursdays.

Dušan Janković

Dušan Janković

Dušan is Community Catalyst @ Impact Hub Vienna - he's interested in entrepreneurship and education, and curious about ways how technology and business can impact society. He loves life-hacking and snowboarding.